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When choosing a GSD - insist on the OFA Dm gene test and stay away from breeders with ties to GSD clubs. Darby Dans is one. Our pup came from them with giardia which almost killed the dog and now is slowly wilting away from DM ( human equal to ALS). This was a simple test to perform with the two dogs that were to mate. So all these accolades on how Darby Dans is so GSD concerned is BS and probably written by some good ole buddy. I challenge any of the so called experts whose primary concern is making money to prove me wrong. The true lovers of dogs should ban together and promote a state by state mandate that of you sell a dog yuo MUST have a license. The ONLY way to govern these breeders. Who in the world can imagine themselves making a career of breeding and then selling dogs. pretty sick individuals

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Guest, have you contacted the breeder to discuss any of this? How old was your dog when you got it? I hear your frustration and personally I wouldn't buy from them, simply because I don't like the type they breed. I also will never purchase a pup without DM tests on all the breeders dogs. But if you have a problem you need to discuss it with the breeder and give them the chance to resolve it. Also are you sure it's DM? Many things can mimic those symptoms. If all else has been ruled out, definitely contact the breeder. They need to know their dogs have it.