Recommend me a dog?

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So I'm getting a new dog, but can't really decide on a breed.. I really want and active and intelligent dog that is easy to train and versatile enough that I can use it for several sports such as search, tracking, agility, obedience and frisbee. I also hope the dog can come running with me and that it can learn a bunch of tricks. I've had (three) dogs before, so it won't be my first. A priority is that the dog is motivated by playtime(!!) and food, I know this is somewhat an individual trait, but I'd rather not go for a breed that tends to be mainly food motivated.

If it's kind of a velcro dog, that is a bonus to me. I don't really want the dog to be running off with strangers easily, hehe (my last dogs would). I don't wish to use the dog as a guard dog or anything, but I don't mind if it's a bit protective (I'd actually like it if it barks when it hears visitors outside etc).

When it comes to size, medium to big is what I'm generally looking for. I don't want to spend all day grooming, but I think it's quite fun, so I don't mind if it needs some brushing. Shedding is not really a problem either.
I live on a small farm with cats and chickens surrounded by forest.

Thanks for any suggestions and/or help! smile
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First breeds that came to mind were Labrador Retriever and Australian Shepherd.

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If you've had experience with dogs, want intelligence, have lots of space to roam and want playfulness and definitely a Velcro dog nature there are a lot of AmStaffs and AmBulls out there who need homes.

Easily trainable, after bonding with that special human you become their whole focus in life. They love to make you laugh, goofy and athletic with wash and wear fur.

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Blue Heelers are smart, active dogs that love to work and learn new things. They are normally the kind of dog that chooses a favorite person in the family and sticks by their side. They do shed, but need minimal grooming. The only thing I would watch out for is to make sure you train it to leave the chickens be, or it might pester or even hunt them. If you are looking for a dog that you could learn a little more grooming with, a Standard Poodle is an awesome all around dog, and you can clip it down the same length all over for an easy haircut that is wear and tear. Standards are awesome hunting dogs, love to swim/ dock jump, are super smart and make great agility and obedience dogs. They are good around other animals, I've seen them used for herding as well. They know how to turn their playfulness on and off. They can go from running around chasing a ball or frisbee to cuddling on the couch in no time flat. They are super loyal to their owners, make good guard dogs, and they don't shed, so letting them on the furniture and couch to cuddle is no sweat. I may be a little biased, but I've done my research on Standards since I got my first 2 years ago and I'm telling you there is nothing they can't do!