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Barked: Fri Oct 25, '13 7:38pm PST 
If she wasn't such a herding dog in terms of her temperament, personality and general drive it'd make more sense to me. She even does that funny laying flat on her back to sleep which, after joining a few kelpie groups, I've seen a TON of.

It seems to be working on the premise that since all dogs are the same species, they all share certain a set of genes. Throw enough breeds together and really anything is possible. Colourwise and physically, she very well could be the breeds they claim.
With her back end, it does look very GSD-ish, but in the Kelpie standard it also calls for the long sloping croup.
And out of all those soft coated breeds, I'm wondering where her short dense, almost wiry in texture, waterproof coat came from.

I try to tell myself that I shouldn't really care what she is or is not, but I'm mostly just upset that it didn't really come up with more in the herding dog section. Yeah, I'm a little immature in that sense.
shrug I gotta keep reminding myself that if I wanted to know exactly what I was getting I would have gone to a breeder.

I've asked them to simply remove any indication that Rigby was ever sent in for testing. It's a heck of a lot easier to tell a potential landlord that I've got 2 medium sized sheepdogs than a GSD/Husky mix (especially when I live in a province of such breed prejudice). So to remove all indication that she ever had the test done is just for my own peace of mind.
Rare "Canadian tri colour Dingo" or...Dingbat is what she can be laugh out loud
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sat Oct 26, '13 3:33am PST 
I agree, removing all traces she was ever tested is very wise.

The herding instructor will be able to gauge her true mix I bet. A kelpie has a very distinctive herding style, it's not like a border collie and NOTHING like a GSD. I hope it goes well at the classes and you can get some good photos or video for us! I would like to see her herding style myself.

This is really just more proof to me that wisdom is a waste of money really.

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Barked: Thu Oct 31, '13 7:46pm PST 
29 pounds isn't THAT small for a female sibe - Breed standard for females is 35-50, and obviously, not even all purebreds meet breed standard for size.

As far as the lying on the back to sleep, some husky people call it "Sunny Sibe Up". Kind of funny how husky people think it's a husky thing laugh out loud

Having considered it for Ace... Meh.... I get tempted, but then I worry I won't get the results I want big laugh


Barked: Tue Nov 5, '13 4:42am PST 
Ahh I never knew they could be so small! The ones I've seen around here all tower over Cobain, let alone Rig! She's closer in size to Ruby (another one I have no idea what the heck she is...Border Collie Rat Terrier maybe? big laugh) than to Cobain even. She was 19lbs when we got her, which was definitely underweight, but there was no muscle like she has now. Her ribs are more prominent now at 29lbs than they were then which is weird. shrug

Sunny sibe up is hilarious laugh out loud

I so didn't want to do the test on her to be honest laugh out loud I was gonna test Cobain since I know exactly what he is, but it was given to me for free with the expectation that I test Rig. I would have liked to see a more prominent herding breed in here, but I think I'm over it now. Just gonna pretend it never happened. laugh out loud

Ah well in the chance she does have a bit of Sibe in her, I'm just glad her prey drive stops at herding, she's got an amazing recall, and doesn't pull on the leash (though I will probably try to find an x-back harness for her at some point to have her skijor with Cobain).
She does do a bit of "talking" but with her damaged vocal cords its difficult to discern if it's more Husky or something else entirely laugh out loud
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