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Help! People not doing their research...:(

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(Quin)- Herdabout- The Mighty- Qu

Herdabout The- Mighty Quinlan!
Barked: Mon Sep 16, '13 10:05am PST 
So a coworker who has only ever had a dog growing up just got her first puppy.
She got a Beagle puppy and picked her up Saturday. She doesn't want to crate train and is therefore having issues with house training...
She lives in an apartment and I have been talking to her on Facebook every day since she picked her up giving her links to information and websites that can help this puppy actually survive with an owner who is a nurse and works 12 hour shifts. Thankfully her brother is in town for 2 weeks as of today, because she si working tomorrow a 12 hour day shift. The dog has slept in her bed which I explained could casue some issues. And she says Macy likes chewing onthe leash and jumping...I told her to nip it in the butt now even though it is cute.
She is trying pad training cause she is in the apartment but she is having trouble...

So frustrating! I was trying to help her get a rescue since she woudl hoepfully get an older dog, but instead she came in to work last week and said she had put a deposit on a Beagle puppy...

I am giving her a martingale collar, some puppy kongs left over from when my boys were pups and some Natures Miracle no chew spray and cleaning spray...

Any help would be great...resources I can give to her...she is a cat person and in my opinion should NOT have gotten a puppy...
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Sep 16, '13 12:07pm PST 
If she's not wanting to crate train because she thinks it's "cruel" maybe you could talk her into an x-pen?

Would she consider dog walkers or day care if she's working such long shifts?

It really seems so unfair to the puppy, Jem's 7 months old and I'm still only up to a 7.5 hour work day! I take an hour and half for lunch still!!

You know i'm- cute, pet me!
Barked: Mon Sep 16, '13 12:53pm PST 
Poor puppy cry That is definitely quite a puppy for a first timer..

I'm not going to go crazy with training advice since you seem to be pretty squared away. My quick input was just for the house training, if she absolutely refuses to crate train, would she section off areas of the apartment? Kitchen bathroom etc.. And try the grass pads or litter boxes? I have seen so very very few dogs trained on the "pee pee pads" i would never recommend them to anyone. The grass pads still take some training but they are at least a bit better. I hope her brother can help while he's there! And keep up the helpful tips, don't want the pup ending up at the pound! hug

(Quin)- Herdabout- The Mighty- Qu

Herdabout The- Mighty Quinlan!
Barked: Mon Sep 16, '13 6:51pm PST 
Oo the grass is a good idea...I will send her a link for them.

I just asked her if she picked up her pen today...she was going to go get a baby get or pen today to confine her to the kitchen...sigh...

I did meet her today and she had a harness that was too big so she had hair ties to make it tighter...I gave her a martingale collar and put it on her puppy and showed her how to teach it to walk cause it literally just starts flopping around and wont walk at all with the she then picks it up...

oh man this makes my chest hurt LOL

You know i'm- cute, pet me!
Barked: Tue Sep 17, '13 5:09am PST 
BOL... I know i shouldn't laugh because without help that dog will never walk on a leash, but in my head I have the video playing of when I was a teenager and we put collars and leashes on our cats to try and walk... Bahaha was such a terrible but funny sight. Fish out of water flopping then rag doll.

Good job with the helping tho, I love martingales they're so much safer. Dante needs one because when he was younger and would get scared he would flip out pulling backwards trying to slip his collar frown Anyway I hope she can learn some things from you and make it work!! way to go
Alva BH

I ordered the- best dog for me- & got her
Barked: Tue Sep 17, '13 8:05am PST 
Crate training is not necessary for housetraining (none of the five dogs I and my parents have had during these years have been crate trained, Alva included). I would be more worried about her long shifts and overall knowledge about dogs and their training. But any method used for housetraining, dedication is important. I must also say that there can be many factors that affect how one housetrains their pet.