What breed is right for me and my family?

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To start, we rent and are hoping to get landlord permission in December or January. (I don't think getting permission should be hard....she likes us and we are good tenants)

Our house is 1800 square feet, 3 bdrms on 2.12 acres of unfenced in land. There is another house on our property that already has a dog living in it and 3 dogs in the house next door that have run into our yard before.

We have 3 kids ages 7, 9 and 3 months (we'd like him to be 6 months at least before we get a dog)
My kids are high energy but gentle with animals (My mom has two cats....both 15, my MiL has 5 cats and a dog...the youngest cat is 6, my kids have never seen a puppy or kitten....only older and senior animals)I stay home and my husband works full time.

My kids play outside all afternoon after school, but my husband and I are more content to relax inside most of the day, with the occasional foray outside.

My husband always had a dog growing up, but I never did...just rabbits, birds and a cat.

We'd like a breed under 30 lbs. My daughters and I tend to like longhaired animals. (I don't mind the work of keeping them groomed) While we do plan on checking local shelters, I don't have high hopes of finding a mix breed that will work, considering all I see listed on petfinder are pitbulls and chihuahuas.) My daughters
think toy breeds (particularly Yorkshire Terriers and Papillions) are cute but I think its odd that a dog would be smaller then a cat.

I'd love recommendations for a breeder in RI or Eastern Ct just in case we can't find a dog for us in a shelter.'

....edited to say that sadly I just found out that one of my Mom's cats just passed away this afternoon...my kids are going to be devastated frown

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I think a Cavalier King Charles may fit your requirements wonderfully. Small, very pretty with all that feathering, smart, affectionate and not known for having a strong prey drive. If you want a bigger breed check out the English Cocker Spaniel as well.