First time dog owner, getting a corgi

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Barked: Fri Jul 12, '13 4:10pm PST 
My family has decided on a pembrooke corgi short haired. I was just wondering if any one has any tips for me via the topics like bedding, food or just any tips for a first time corgi owner.



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My only advice is take lots of pictures. Corgi's are the cutest dog ever and need to be treated like a model. laugh out loud

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Be prepared for insane energy. o_o A puppy class would be a really really good idea for you corgi once it's got it's vaccines taken care of. It'll get to play with other pups as well as get some mental exercise. Take any chance you get for your pup to play with other pups to help teach what kind of play is appropriate and what is too much (and it'll give yourself a little break).

That's the only corgi-specific advice I can think of.

Arm yourself with plenty of patience, you will definitely need it. This is more general puppy advice. Crate training is a really really good idea too, it helps make potty training easier (though that first month is still a toughy, you have to take your pup out like every hour...even in the middle of the night if they're 8 weeks...).

Enjoy your puppy! big grin Take soooooo many pictures. Take videos!! Corgi pups are so adorable.


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Start your vet fund now. Start putting money away monthly for the almost inevitable vet bills you'll run into in the future.

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1- Brace yourselves! They're fun and challenging and will keep you on your toes.
2- Furminator.
3- Furminator.
4- Furminator.
5- Furminator.

That pretty much covers it I think laugh out loud wink
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Make sure you socialize, socialize and then socialize, both with people and with other dogs. Corgi's are a herding breed and as such, are not bred to be "dog park" social butterflies, they are bred to work alone without humans or other dogs and can be quite antisocial if proper attention is not spent socializing them as youngsters.
Make sure you purchase from a reputable breeder who does ALL health testing on the parents as this breed is also prone to serious skeletal and back issues, most of which can be hereditary. Keep you pup lean to help prevent back injury as well.
Oh yeah, I also second the furminator!!! As a groomer we HATE to see Corgis come in because we know we are looking at HOURS of removing undercoat!!
Finally, have fun!!!

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Toto brought up a good point about weight. Corgis are notorious bottomless pits and can become overweight very easily so it's important to keep them on a rigid diet. Extra weight puts a strain on their joints and spine and can cause all sorts of problems even more so with Corgis due to their elongated spine and stubby legs. Adjust the amount of food given accordingly depending on how many treats are given during the day and of course decrease if they start gaining weight. Vegetables make great healthy alternatives for treats as they can still get snacks but they won't gain weight on them. Baby carrots are a favorite with my dogs.