American Eskimo mix info

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Can I have some?
Barked: Fri Jul 12, '13 7:28am PST 
I recently looked at an American Eskimo mix dog at the local humane society. She is just over a year old, very shy but very sweet. Does anyone have any experience with these kind of dogs? She would be standard size from the breed info I read. I have 2 cats in the house also and plenty of room in a fenced yard.
I am finally looking into another dog since Samson passed away and appreciate any info.
Thank you.

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Barked: Fri Jul 12, '13 7:54pm PST 
They are a beautiful spitz type breed!! Anticipate a stubborn/independent streak, but they love LOTS of attention from their people once they settle in and are great companion dogs. They're very playful and can be kinda rough so I probably would try to discourage playing with the kitties, only gentle interaction.

Has she been tested with cats...? Like many spitz breeds, it's much easier if they've been exposed to cats as puppies.

I believe they are a talking breed as well, like huskies and klee kai. So be prepared to hear an earful when you're asking her to do something she doesn't feel like doing... XD

She sounds awesome! big grin

Can I have some?
Barked: Sat Jul 13, '13 5:20am PST 
Thank you Arya. The humane society where she is at has cats running around all over and they said she shies away from them. They have also never heard her bark and she seems very mellow. She has been there a month and was transferred from another shelter. They really don't have any history on her.

I have seen shy dogs, but never this timid. They said she was adopted out last week by an older couple but they brought her back because of her timidness. I have to wonder what happened to her in her past to make her this way. Once she starts to warm up she is a sweetie and I think it will take time and patience to bring her out of her shell.

I am taking my husband to meet her today and see what he thinks. I told him it is just more than petting she needs, we both need to work to build her trust. I took in a dog that was abused once and help rehabilitate him so he could find a new home, but I am not trained and it has been so long ago.

What you describe and everything I have read on these types of dogs sounds wonderful and I hope one day she will act like that, I am just not sure what it is going to take to get there.

Thanks for your help and we will see how it goes today smile

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