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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 1:55pm PST 
My sister is looking for an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy or young adult. She has found a breeder called Snow Angel Huskies (http://www.snowangelshuskies.com/), in Florida, that she is interested in.

This will be the first time anyone in our family has bought a dog from a breeder.

She has email the breeder with these questions, as the breeder has gotten back with potential puppies from a resent litter after initial contact:
Is he from one of your litters? (as she discusses friends' litters on her site)
Who are the parents? Are they health tested/screen for genetic disorders?
Who is he registered with? (the breeder says there are papers)
Is there a healthy guarantee and if so is there a returned policy?

Are there any other questions we should be asking? Does this breeder look like a reputable breeder?

If the dog is purchased, he will be shipped from Florida to Canada: is there anything we should be doing or looking into for the shipping?

Thank you so much for all of the help/advice.
Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 2:30pm PST 
May I ask why your sister isn't looking at breeders in Canada?
Misha- (R.I.P.- 4/29/13)

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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 2:43pm PST 
Ask if they breed for temperament. AKK can be very shy and I know a lot of breeders right now are working hard to breed more social dogs.

It looks like a breeder that definitely loves dogs and takes good care of them, but may not be super discerning when it comes to working towards improving the quality of the breed itself? There's not much info on breed standards or pros/cons or anything like that, which many breeder sites provide.

It does say she only has 1-2 litters a year, which is a good sign because it means she isn't breeding her dogs constantly just to get more pups to sell.

Did she have to fill out an application? Most reputable breeders require an application so they can review if they think you are the right fit for their pups.

Ask to see pictures of the parents and of the kennels where they keep their dogs. With a time stamp if possible (like...a piece of paper held up in the picture with the date written on it, just to prove that it's recent).

She is not listed on any reputable breeder lists for Klee Kai. Google her name, e-mail, phone number, etc to see if you can find any more information or anyone who's purchased one of her pups. That may seem excessive, but I feel like if I'm paying that much and risking having a puppy shipped, I want to know as much as I possibly can. It's hard when you can't physically visit the breeder you're buying from.

You can also contact breeders who are on the lists and members of organizations like the AKKOA to see if they've heard of her and know her reputation.

Oh oh! There's a klee kai database too where you can potentially look up the parents to see what lines they're from. http://www.akkpedigreesonline.org/

Hope this helps! Not saying she's a bad breeder, just get as much info as you can. smile


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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 5:13pm PST 
Personally, the facts that they price their pups by color and seem to practically consider longcoat Siberians a totally different breed raises a red flag for me.

I also see absolutely no Klee Kai listed as being owned by them on their website, so I have to wonder how many dogs they really have.

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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 5:15pm PST 
There's nothing about what health testing she does, temperament testing, titles, health guarantees, first right of refusal, spay/neuter contracts...or even her Klee Kais. I only see Siberian Huskies on the site. Those would be the first things I would ask about.

This breeder does not look reputable to me. The whole thing about "Puppy Packs" is very distrubing. The items she lists to justify the cost of her puppies aren't the costs of responsible breeding, they're just dog ownership costs. I can't imagine someone who lists food and water bowls as an expense would fail to mention the hundreds of dollars health testing costs were she doing it. And she sells Miniature Siberian Huskies? silenced

Personally I would steer clear.

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Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 5:44pm PST 
And, a public web page for all to see and form an opinion of you as an educated breeder would be a much better read had she used spell check and paid attention to her grammar a bit more. Frankly, those things are a huge put off to me!!!
I do not fault someone for spelling or grammar errors but I DO fault them for publishing it with those errors not being edited out.
Maybe nitpicking on the spelling and grammar, but I also agree with the others re health testing and pedigrees and the like. AND, to not have those males named??? I wondered about that, and I also wondered if she had permission to use those show photos and other photos obviously not her own. Would be interesting to do a google image search on them. Any time I have ever seen photos used like that on a reputable breeders page they were identified as to their origin.
Frankly, I believe you can do MUCH better by finding someone breeding AKK's and not tossing them in as an afterthought.

Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 7:24pm PST 
Thank you for all your replies!

I should have started off by saying in my first post, I, personally, have done no research on these dogs/breeders as this would be complete my sister’s dog. She did show me the website for this breeder and I asked some of the same questions (not naming the dogs; not actually have the AKKs listed). Though, I think she’s jumping into it, I believe she’s pretty much convinced herself to get one of these dogs (the pictures of puppies don’t help). I was hoping people more familiar with breeders, might get her to stop and think.

My sister’s responses:

Jewel: She says there are very few breeders in Canada; apparently there is only one in Ontario and the others are out west (which would be about the same distance-wise). The other reason is apparently the price. Do you know of one in Canada that you would recommend? Is it better to buy from a Canadian breeder if you live in Canada?

Misha: Thanks for all your advice. She did fill out an application and the breeder did offer for her to come meet the dogs. She will definitely look at the website.

Thank you Chandler, Onyx and Toto for giving your opinion and raising all those points; I hope she takes them into consideration.

My sister also says the breeder guarantee the health of the puppy and the adults (and puppies) are completely health tested, including their eyes, ear, hips and allergies.

Thank you all again!
Misha- (R.I.P.- 4/29/13)

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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 7:54pm PST 
The parent dogs should also have been tested for Factor VII (or the dogs they were bred from). FVII deficiency causes a bleeding disorder. It is genetic and a dog that doesn't have the disorder can still pass it to it's offspring.

Here's some more info on health problems in AKK from Nornir Klee Kai:

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a relatively healthy breed with minimal heritable health defects seen through the generations. However, responsible breeders are still working to eliminate what health defects there are by removing affected dogs from the breeding pool. Some of the health concerns to look out for in the Alaskan Klee Kai breed are Factor VII deficiency, patellar luxation, autoimmune thyroiditis, and congenital cardiac disease. If you are looking to obtain an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, it is always a good idea to ask for the OFA records of the parents. OFA stands for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, which is a globally recognized organization that collects and publishes health records for purebred dogs.


If the breeder does not know whether the dogs being bred are Factor VII normal or not...find another breeder. She should know whether or not her pups from lines that FVII has been bred out of.

EDIT: This site in general actually has a lot of really good information for your sister to consider. http://www.alaskankleekaiscam.com/buying-an-alaskan-klee-kai-2/good- breeder-vs-bad-breeder/ smile

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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 8:09pm PST 
Thanks again Misha! I'll pass that along to my sister.

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Barked: Mon Jul 8, '13 9:18pm PST 
An old Dogster with an AKK gave me these breeders that she would personally recommend.
Allerian Kennels (Illinois)
MacMali Den (California)
Shalimar (PA)
Suska (PA)
This is a very serious dog person..she has picked up her last 2 dogs in Europe..yes she personally flew over twice! Do when she recommends a breeder, I would seriously consider them laugh out loud
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