Bring my dog to meet breeder?

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Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 4:01pm PST 
I'm planning to meet with a breeder soon and I was wondering if it was bad etiquette to bring my dog along. This is early stages, more to meet the dogs, ask questions-I'm not actually going to pick out a puppy yet.
I'd like to bring Lupi so that the breeder can get a feel for what I'm looking for in my next dog, but I don't know if that's standard procedure. There are puppies there right now which will be about 2 weeks old when I go. I don't want to risk bringing illness in, or upset the Momma.
Should I ask them or just leave Lupi at home this time?
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Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 4:33pm PST 
I am not thrilled when people bring their dog to my house when coming to visit, especially if I have puppies.
The biggest issue, at least for me, is that it winds up the rest of my dogs and drives them crazy.
If they bring them and leave them in the car and I can come outside and meet the dog that is okay, but that's not possible in some weather conditions.

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I would ask them before hand


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Kai's breeder absolutely wanted to meet Mika before deciding weather or not to sell us one of her pups but she made arrangements to come and meet us before the mating we would be getting a puppy from ever took place. We did bring Mika when we picked Kai up but she stayed in the car while we went over the last few details. If you really want to bring Lupi,I would ask as others have suggested. Good Luck.

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Barked: Sat Jun 15, '13 7:33am PST 
Thanks everyone. Good to hear a breeders perspective Toto.
The breeder is a 3 hour drive from here, so we had thought to bring Lupi (who loves car trips) and make a day of it with some nice walks along the way.
I'll make sure we leave her in the car and if the weather doesn't permit, we'll leave her at home.

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Yes, Ask first. I asked with Sonja's breeder if I could bring my current dog (at that time was Pepper) as it was as much her decision as mine. She said yes. When I got to her place I went in without Pepper first. The breeder put the mommy dog outside in the fenced back yard....Then brought out the 3 pups (two cream, one blue) and I played with them for a bit then went to get Pepper.

When I brought Pepper into the room with the pups (she was on lead)...the two cream pups looked at her from across the room and ran out of the room (Pepper was a 95 lb rottie/GSD mix). The blue pup gingerly walked over the Pepper...they both started sniffing each other in glee...Pepper laid down so the pup could get to know her better...both of their tails wagging happily. I looked at the breeder and said, "well, looks like I'll take this little girl." It was my Sonja.

Sonja and Pepper loved each other (both female) which I was not expecting.

I told Jasper's breeder about each dog in our house (temperament/ personality / energy) and said my primary need is to have harmony in my house. I wanted to do Therapy work with my new dog as well as Agility...but Harmony in the house is a must. I let her choose for us. When we got to her place...she had two boys for us to choose from...a silver and a blue. The silver was her primary choice as the blue had a little more edge to him (for agility). We chose the silver, my Jasper man, and have been super pleased with that choice.

I think every situation is unique but don't be afraid of asking for what you want in your next family member.
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I'd definitely ask permission, and offer to leave her in the car too, weather permitting. Letting her see how your current dog is doing, and what they're like with you and how you handle them often gives them a good idea of the kind of home you'll provide for their pup, HOWEVER, it is definitely something that should be left up to them.

When we went to look at Ria's litter(an accidental farm litter that they were just sending off to 'good' homes), Charlie initially stayed in the car. Eventually, after my fiance decided he liked Ria best, we brought her away from the other puppies to interact with her on her own(to get a better idea of her temperament), and then to let her meet Charlie.

But we checked with the owners first, made sure we had the clear to do so.

I know if I was a breeder, I'd want people checking with me first rather than randomly bringing their dogs with them(assuming they don't leave them in the vehicle to begin with). I'm NOT a breeder, and I STILL have people bringing their dogs to my house all the time - it drives me nuts, I had to start giving people trouble for it, because it stresses Charlie out. Definitely ask first, either way. laugh out loud