Choosing the Right Breed for Touring!

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Hello everyone! My name is Long, I'm an Asian guy who live in Asia. I love to travel, and so I plan to travel across the country...by bicycle, and not only that, with a passenger-a dogpuppy! Well, it may sound crazy, but I'm not stupid (because I'm an Asian guy,right?thinking), I've done all the research: I know what kind of bicycle to buy, what things I need to bring & how, what type of Dog Bike Trailer to use (it's like a tent for dog with wheels attached to your bike), dog leash for bicycle... But there's one thing missing, not a thing but a dog! I still searching for right dog breed, but I think Australian Shepherd is the right answer, based mostly on what i've read in Dog101 (they have all the info i need to know)(http://animal.discovery.com/breed-selector/dog-breeds/herding/ australian-shepherd.html).
Anyway, i'm looking for a medium size male dog (Too small means not enough weight to hold a Trailer down from bouncing in bumping road, too big means we'll go very slow and more food & water)(But I kinda like both medium and large dog (between 40-80 pounds) so...I think I can hanlde the weight, but he have to run along when we go up or down hill laugh out loud). He need to have high energy, very playful and affectionate, love to stick with mesnoopy, because if not, it'll be very boring (on the road), and i don't want a potato couch. He need to be friendly with other dogs, pets, and wild animals (at least not chasing them, I don't want to stand in middle of nowhere waiting for my dog to return when I'm touringdog walk); don't trust strangers so easily, has good watchdog-protection ability because we may face thefts or dog thefts, there are a lot of them in here, sadly (but not barking too much or bark at everything he see, just enough, otherwise, i'm going to be crazy on the roaddogshock). He need to have good tolerance to hanlde changing between hot/cold and be okay in difference places because I plan not only travel in the country, but across all over the world, and because the Trailer's bottom is a little low to increase balance so he may feel hotter or colder by heat come up from roads or snow (I'll try to reduce it as much as possible). At last, I hope he's not too stubborn or hard to trainblue dog. Because he'll be my first dog (I have one when i'm younger but since I don't remember much, and I'm not the one who train or feed him, so...shrug)
If you read all of this, thank you so muchhail, and sorry for my "Engnoob". I hope you guys can give me a good answer, about the right breed, about my choice (Australian Sherpherd),...
P/S: I'm not going to start the trip untill the little guy grow old enough and been properly trained, so don't worry!dogbig hug

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