Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreivers?

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Barked: Tue Jun 4, '13 10:20am PST 
In a few years time, my mother will be in the market for another pup. They're waiting for either me to move a significant distance away (so my 2 wont be frequently staying with them), or when Oz becomes too old to keep up.

I've finally talked her out of another hound (improperly fenced yard, and her most frequent activity is hiking with the dogs off leash in the woods).

Then she considered another Border Collie, which again I figured was a bit wrong for her. She never worked the training or events with Cobain which has been a major portion of keeping him happy.

What she's looking for:
- Medium sized dog (25-45lbs)
- High energy enough to hike for a few hours per day
- Enjoys water
- Intelligent/alert
- Velcro-ish, easily trained for reliable recall
- Typically friendly with other dogs and people

From what I've met, this relatively describes a Toller, but I'm wondering if anyone here has anymore info or experience on the breed?

Also, if the Toller does fit her wants, any opinions on this breeder? http://www.kalmegess.com/
They live just down the road from my parent's home.

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Barked: Tue Jun 4, '13 11:14am PST 
You just described a Poodle. Very adaptable to most any living situation. Extremely intelligent and easy to train (sometimes TOO smart). Their original purpose was water retrieving. Sonja is barely 45lbs. You'd want a small Standard or a large Miniature.

Poodles Should be other dog friendly and love people. Male standards can be a bit protective...but as soon as you show you are ok with a stranger...they will be ok too.

I've only heard about Tollers being VERY high energy. Most retrievers are awesome...IMO.

The Monster
Barked: Tue Jun 4, '13 11:26am PST 
It sounds like a Toller may be a nice fit for her. I say "may" because I find that there's a huge variety within Tollers these days. Some of these dogs are ones that I absolutely drool over (like Nix - do you know her?) and others who I find pretty boring and "meh" (though who would probably be well suited for most active pet homes). Given the variety I'm seeing within the breed, I would want some first hand experience with the sire/dam of the litter, and other dogs from their lines.

The biggest caveats I think people need to be aware of when it comes to Tollers is that there's a fair share of reactivity/aggression in the breed; they're frenetic and can be quite quirky; and they can have a LOT of energy. Without that frenetic energy channeled appropriately the dogs can become stress cases. Most Tollers who I've met have had some degree of fearfulness.

They're standoffish dogs who seem to only have eyes for their people. I've not found them to be as naturally biddable as, say, a Border Collie, but they're still pretty tuned in to their handler. They're probably more comparable to spaniels than the other retrievers when it comes to their basic temperaments and personalities.

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Barked: Tue Jun 4, '13 11:57am PST 
Since you are in Canada, and a hop, skip and a jump from NS check out Little River. This is the kennel credited with founding the breed and while there seems to be issues with the American lines, the Little River dogs are what the breed should be. Yes they are active but not neurotic, and while they are retrievers they were also intended as all around farm dogs. We have several in the family and they are fantastic. Good pets with level heads and loyal to their families. Any moderately active family should do fine. Far more are sold into pet homes then hunting homes. As hunters there are far better dogs and 'tolling' is really a talent best suited to the rugged coast of NS were oddly the breed came from. Since few families could afford to keep specialty dogs, the trend was toward dogs who could do it all and the Toller is perfect for that role.

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Barked: Tue Jun 4, '13 6:19pm PST 
When it comes to Tollers, also be aware that the gene pool is particularly small in this breed and the breed can be prone to autoimmune disorders.

I looked at the breeder you listed and there really wasn't that much information about them.

There are two breeders that I particularly like, but both are in B.C., they are Kasomor Duck Tollers (http://www.kasomor.com/) and Dalry Duck Tollers (http://www.dalryducktollers.com/).

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Barked: Tue Jun 4, '13 6:38pm PST 
I was thinking the same thing as Sonja, but maybe we are biased wink

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Barked: Tue Jun 4, '13 8:16pm PST 
winklaugh out loudbig laugh

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Barked: Thu Jun 6, '13 5:48pm PST 
Sorry I posted this and then disappeared!
Had to send my laptop to get fixed the day I posted this, just got it back today, and now I'm having issues with Dogster naughty

I brought the idea of a Poodle up to her and she said that's a breed she would definitely consider. Permitting that keeping them clipped right short is acceptable (not sure how the longer coated breeds and grooming works)
Going to keep them in mind, thanks for the suggestion!

Cohen - I love Nixxy. She's actually the dog that put the breed back in my mind (NSDTRs were on the list years ago, before Cobain)

She's not really looking for a dog to "love everyone" like a Lab, but sort of like Cobain in the "tolerating" of other people and dogs. Greet someone if introduced, but doesn't thrive of being patted by everyone who walks by type of thing.

The reason I mentioned that specific breeder is because since we're still in the early stages of research, this would be a very convenient breeder to meet her stock and get a feel for their lines without having to travel half the country away (although for the right dog she's willing to travel of course). I found them on the Ontario NSDTR club, but I'm not sure if they're a member of the national breed club.

Sabi - We're actually hoping to make a trip out east sometime later this summer. If we make it, I think I'll try to arrange maybe a meeting with the breeder to get a better idea of their lines as well. From what you describe and what I'm seeing on their site, they seem to be what my mother is looking for! Thanks!

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Barked: Thu Jun 6, '13 6:29pm PST 
I've met 2 Trollers and both dogs were very nice. They did have lots of energy, but were very friendly. One I met hiking in the Whites and the other one is in Koby's training class. They are beautiful dogs.

Barked: Thu Jun 6, '13 9:58pm PST 
Cobain - Take a look at Jasper's page. Poodle hair is like topiary garden for groomers...you can groom them to look any way you want (unless you are planning to show your poodle in Confirmation). They have hair not fur so they don't really shed...but their hair grows continually (like human hair) so It must be clipped every 4 to 8 weeks depending on how you want them clipped.

My crew get clipped every 5-7 weeks depending on our weather.
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