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If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 12:39pm PST 
Jaeger, it doesn't matter whether the female came from a breeder or not...she STILL has to have her health testing done. And, Sabs prices are a bit low...it is $500 just for the hips and elbows alone...add eye certification, hearts, spines, and blood work to that and you are looking at about $1500 for EACH DOG. Without this testing you can be looking at an entire litter of blind, deaf, crippled or worse puppies...all of which YOU as owner of the sire or dam, are responsible for and will need to provide veterinary care for EVEN after they are sold/given away, due to puppy lemon laws which are in place in most every state.
Furthermore, you also need to have both dogs tested for sexually transmitted diseases such as brucellosis, CVTV and canine herpesvirus. If he has one of those, his breeding days are over before they even start and several of those are quite common in your area. They aren't just sexually transmitted, a dog can pick them up from just licking an infected dog or an area where an infected dog has urinated, so this testing is a must have prior to ANY breeding.
Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 1:21pm PST 
Okay I didn't even know dogs could have STDs. shock

Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 5:06pm PST 
Jager, you say these people will care for these dogs and never give them up. How can you personally guarantee this? Will you or the dam's owner take in puppies that must be given back? If most of these prospective homes are with older individuals, what will happen if they become ill or too old to care for the dog (who will probably live anywhere from 10-13 years)? If a dog turns 3 or 4 and develops SSA or decides he's not a fan of other dogs... what will the owners do? Return them to you or the dam's owner? What will you do with the dog?

Knowing what I know about the thousands of animals that die every day, there is no way I could breed two dogs that would not better a breed (especially in ways of health and temperament).

It seems harsh and maybe extreme, but maybe you should watch this video. It shows one shelter's daily routine of animals being surrendered due to illness or no longer being able to keep them. And then it shows animals that ran out of time and how they have to die. All because of irresponsible owners who couldn't keep their commitments. There are enough dogs, including purebred GSDs, in shelters and rescues already. Please reconsider possibly adding to that number.


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Charlie- Chaplin

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Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 6:19pm PST 
Long and short of it:

1. Why on earth would you EVER consider breeding a dog you thought was a MUTT? Jaeger is not a good example of his breed, last time I checked that defeats the purpose of breeding.

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Skipper- a.k.a Skip

Terror terrier
Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 4:24am PST 

This is the reason there are so many dogs living out their days and being destroyed in shelters... People think, "hey, my dog is cute and friendly. So is yours. Let's breed them"!


You said your neighbours and friends can't be bothered dealing with shelters... If they can't be bothered going through a shelter for a dog, then they don't deserve a dog.
That basically means they can't be bothered saving a dogs life! If their puppy goes missing and is picked up by AC, are they going to be bothered to get it back?

I have no idea why you would consider breeding your dog, but please open your eyes! For the sake of the innocent puppies that will result from your decisions...

I have owned and rescued dogs my whole life and I could never breed any of them. The responsibilities are something I'm not willing and don't think I could deal with.

My newest puppy is a Kennel Club Registered, Parson Russell Terrier with over thirty champions in his five generation pedigree. All the dogs in his pedigree have been health tested to the highest standards and they are from the best bloodlines in Europe... Would I ever dream of breeding him?... Absolutely NOT!

I'm not a breeder and not nearly experienced enough to even contemplate it!

Skip is my pet, my future sporting dog and a companion... I love him dearly. He's friendly, healthy, highly trainable energetic and a perfect example of his breed... but he will never sire a litter.

Most of the people on Dogster have owned dogs for YEARS! They have vast experience breeding, training, raising and rescuing dogs... Do not ignore their advice. Please!

I'm a big brat- and I don't care- :)
Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 1:12pm PST 
He looks like he could have King Shepherd mixed in there to me. The short haired variety. thinking

Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 2:40pm PST 
IF a dog doesn;t have papers, and a dog does not have a history of health testing OFA certifications --also paper trailed--, it;s just a grade dog and not worthy of breeding. Why fill pounds with more puppies?
Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

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Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 11:15pm PST 
Even if you had him tested and he himself does not have hip or elbow dysplasia, has clear eyes/heart test, etc I would still not breed him. Since you don't know his parents' history and have no papers, you don't have the full story-- you have no way to find out what genetic issues he could be carrying that were passed down from his parents/grandparents/etc... So he may not exhibit health problems but he may still be carrying them and pass them on to the puppies.

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