Tell me about Swedish Vallhunds

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I've been somewhat dissuaded from Cardigan Welsh Corgis because of the potential for dog aggression, but what about Vallhunds? I've only met one in person, but I'm curious if they might be a better fit for me than the Cardi. For reference, the first post in this thread lists my wants in a dog.

The Vallhund is more of a Spitz type herding dog from what I've read. Do they have that stubborn/independent streak? Or do they stay pretty true to the typical herding temperament? Are they biddable? Good off lead? Barky? DA/SSA? I've heard they're pretty similar to a GSD in temperament, how much truth is there to that? I know they share a common ansestory with Corgis, but I'm hoping the differences will be in my favor.

I realize they're a somewhat rare breed, so first hand accounts will probably be hard to come by, but hit me with whatever you guys have.
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my family was offered one of these dogs by a breeder that my mother was friends with. I actually talked her out of taking it because of the exercise requirements. My parents think a yard is enough exercise for a dog. naughty

This breed from what i remember needs to have plenty of exercise and they need 'work'. Her pups all do that urban ball herding thing or agility /dog sports. I'm not familiar if they had SSA or dominance issues. I also remember that they were very cute and if they trusted you enough you could bend them into an odd U like shape. She could do it with her dogs but it took a while and it didn't seemt o bother the dog any.

I'll drop my mom a text in the morning and see if she can give me more info for you.
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They are spitzes, and they do show that through being more willful and independent. Like Cardis, they are territorial, but probably come up lower on the scale re strange dogs. Rather work driven! When you are coupling that arouseable tendency (function) with the more independent streak, probably the most demanding in terms of reliable off lead, but that's comparative to the other two. Still quite trainable.

What do you expect from the dog?

Pembrokes can be rather exhausting (I think, BOL!) for their enthusiasm of all things, but they are true training junkies. So it's a coin with one side negative (maybe) and the other positive. Almost drunk for life, but if you want to put the time in this is a dog capable of ridiculous precision. They are up for whatever you want to do, so if you had wide plans, great dog.

Cardigans are the closest you will get to a GSD. They are the steadiest of these. They also have the most opinion, though, and probably the most quirk factor. But a good one is steady and dependable, and while all these bark, they bark the least.

Vallhunds are probably the most raw work, and by that I mean Pembrokes are so busy that they'll create their own job if you don't give them one....they are enthusiastic about all things life. Vallhunds a little more serious and responsible.

Helpful, I hope!


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I know a guy who has one. His Vallhund has fear and aggression issues, and outright attacked his Laika without any provocation on many occasions. I don't know how prevalent that is in the breed, but the way he talks about it, it appears to be somewhat common in some lines. His girlfriend (who lives in Finland) breeds them and knows a lot more about their health and temperament and whatnot.

Here's a site they have, it's got a lot of information and links:

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Thanks, guys!

I like a dog that enjoys working with me, which is probably part of the reason I'm so drawn to herding breeds. A dog that's up for anything and everything is perfect as I like to dabble in various activities, so I'm not worried about providing exercise or a job.

Thanks for the site, Conker! I'm working my way through all the information, really interesting stuff!

I am still intrigued by the Cardis, although I'm very on the fence because of the DA. Really not a Pembroke person. I don't dislike them by any means, I just can't see myself living with one. The one Vallhund I know is owned by our herding instructor, and hers actually isn't as work driven as she'd like (she was planning to herd with her, but she doesn't have the drive for it). Sounds like she might be something of an anomaly though.

Still not sure if any of them is really right for me, but I'm going to keep collecting information. I don't have any plans to add another dog for quite a while anyway.

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All I know about the breed is something about vikings?
I don't remember, it was so long ago. It wouldn't help you anyway :p

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I'd always heard they were Viking dogs as well, but the link Conker shared said there's actually no evidence to support that. I would totally still give one a Viking name though XD