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Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 6:06pm PST 
Some how my original post was deleted.

I was asking about help finding a good upper flat apartment dog. (I'm a little peeved because there was a lot of great advice given, but I didn't have it all committed to memory.)

The restrictions on my building are as follows:
-45lbs and under
-no puppies
-Must be house trained
-no Pitties, Staffies, Dobies, Rotties, or any mixes of any of those breeds.

I have sent out a few inquiries and I'm waiting for replies. I wanted to ask for those who have adopted, how long does it usually take the rescues to get back to you? I know they are busy and I'm sure get plenty of people calling or emailing. I was just wondering what is an acceptable wait time?

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I suspect that your post being deleted has to do with the spammer problem dogster has been having latelyfrown I think dogster is deleting any threads started by guests.However, I think I may have a way around the problem smile Look for a post with this title by me. You should still be able to respond to posts that are made, the problem seems to be in guests *starting* threads. thinking

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