Running partner/family pet for first-time dog owners

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Charlie Pete

G-day mate! - Wanna Play?
Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 9:31am PST 
I've got no good advice to offer here....I have two mixed breed mutts (that I adore). But just wanted to chime in that I love the way you are carefully considering this and making an informed choice. We should all be so wise.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 10:39am PST 
Yes a poodle would need to be clipped regularly but you could get it cut right down and then there'd hardly be any brushing to do. But do plan for the expense of a groomer every 6 weeks or so depending on the cut.

I'm getting a mini poodle right away but my breeders also do standards and have a facebook group for us owners. There's a standard that does like 26 km a week or something like that.

The Muddy- Princess
Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 10:45am PST 
For some reason, I like the idea of a setter for you. A sporty little English Setter! It would be a search, but it would be worth it. One thing you will need to think about is the structure of the dog. For a running partner to run with daily, you will need a dog that is well put together. Many young shelter dogs may seem like they would be good running partners, but they may have hip or elbow dysplasia which may only become symptomatic when they get to be seven or so. In addition, dogs who are neutered at a young age have a greater chance of things like cruciate ligament problems. I think you might want to look for a breeder/show dog that is retired and placed

Josie- *Forever in- Our Hearts*

Happy to work
Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 11:15am PST 
Im going to second the Standard Poodle and Setter for you.

However, I do have to mention that Josie is a Border collie/ jack russel/ greyhound and is GREAT with kids. She was the first dog I trained myself and I showed her in obedience and agility. I was about 8 when we got her and trained her alone (no help from parents) so as long as you find the right BC they could be perfect for you.

Also most greyhound rescues test their dogs with cats and will have some that are cat friendly. I know a person who fosters for greyhound rescue and has 5 cats so she only fosters cat friendly greys and she has never had an issue. Same with pointers. I fostered a purebred pointer and he slept with my oldest cat every night, he loved to be around them.
Miyu CGC

Bow down to the- Princess Brat!
Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 12:32pm PST 
Since it also hasn't been suggested- a GSD? I have cats, and my foster is great with both kitties and kids. Very athletic, great all rounder dogs. Especially if you're committed to training and structure.

Also going to echo what Mulder said. I came here myself searching for the right dog, and asked if a GSD would fit me. Look for an adult rescue, preferably one that is foster based. There's so much variation they'd for sure be able to find the right dog for your needs.

Member Since
Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 1:40pm PST 
Ha, a sporty little English Setter for a sporty little English woman big grin

Definitely open to the idea of a GSD too, lovely dogs.

Thank you all so much for your input, I can see that there's a lot to consider and I'll take my time to make sure we get the right dog. I've wanted a dog since I was 5 so already been waiting almost 30 years! What's a few more months to make sure we get the perfect one for us.
Isabelle the- Great

Nothing is- greater than an- Springer!
Barked: Tue Apr 2, '13 11:40am PST 
English Springer Spaniel! Mine can run 12 miles a day. Plus you are in England, so the chances of you finding one are good. That also means you don't have to find a field breeder because that is all that is over there.

They are great with kids and cats.

Barked: Tue Apr 2, '13 12:39pm PST 
I second the English Setter. smile At my local animal shelter where I volunteered at there was an older (around 10 yrs old) field bred English Setter. She was amazing. I was thinking about adopting her, but she was already spoken for.

Semper Vorax
Barked: Tue Apr 2, '13 3:51pm PST 
You live in the UK and you haven't thought of Airedales yet? Airedales would love a big ranch to run around on with you.
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