Pug question

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Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 8:01pm PST 
Just watch I'll go there and it will be a shih-tzu. Ha!
Natasha - 美花- ~Beautiful- Flower~

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Barked: Fri Mar 22, '13 12:29am PST 
Maybe this is what the guy is thinking about? I really wouldn't know how exactly to describe the coloring either, except to say fawn with black mask and shading or something... thinking I think it's a off-color pug, not exactly standard coloring, and probably not proper to breed. Is it normal for breeders to breed an otherwise healthy dog, up to standard in every way except the coloring? thinking

kinda black and fawn pug Rebel, fourth photo down.

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Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 6:59pm PST 
Maybe he is a smutty fawn pug.

Silver pugs are extremely rare and not common all, almost extinct. Most pugs people believe are silver are actually smutty fawns. Smutty fawns are fawn pugs with a lot of black guard hairs. They look grey almost.

Silver pugs are accepted as a color by the AKC. Fawn silver and black are accepted colors. Apricot pugs are fawns with a golden hue.

I hope the pug gets to live inside now. Pugs are not good breeds to keep outdoors. They are indoor dogs. I had a super light colored fawn pug growing up. She had white toe nails.

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