Beaucerons, more info please?

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I'm considering a Beauceron possibly as my next dog, or if not, maybe for the future but I am not able to meet many in person (Ive only met 2) so I'm trying to get a better feel for the breed... I've already been researching them but there's only so much you can get from reading articles and that type of thing. So I am hoping to get more info of the type you can get from people rather than just from looking at info websites. I wish I could find more dogs to meet in person too.

I'd really like to know what it is like living with a Beauceron, how they are to live with, train, what they are like as puppies, how do they act in different situations, taking different places etc, and anything else relevant to owning one. What other breeds would you say they are comparable to in different ways (to give me a better idea of them since I can't meet a lot of them in person).

Also if anyone else knows of other good places for info that would be helpful too. Although I've already looked at the breed club websites and all the other sources I could find... I was thinking of contacting a breeder too but not sure if I should wait until I have done more research first.

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I have seen only 1 Beauceron in my area 5years ago... they seem to be rare in Houston, tx. Its a shame they are nice dogs I only see lots of them at dog shows. frown

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I once met one and her owner described her as very active. Definitely needs proper training and a "job".

You could still contact the breeder. I don't know how they are there but I believe many breeders are happy to tell about their breeds and they have contacts so you could find dogs living near you and meet them and ask how their owners have experienced the breed.

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Definitely contact a breeder even if you aren't sure yet. They'll be happy to know that you are putting in the time to do the research and really consider if they're right for you.
My mom used to breed English Shepherds, which not very many people are familiar with, and she never minded talking about them to someone who wasn't sure about the breed and explaining what kind of homes they are suitable for.

And please, if you do, post what you found out on here smile they are beautiful dogs and from what I've heard sound awesome, really versatile and similar to GSD in a lot of ways but I've never personally talked to someone that actually owned one, just read about them online. Would love to hear what you find!
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Thanks! I've only met two so far before, even though I live in a big city and go to a lot of dog events... I had a surprise this weekend when I ran into one and the pet expo I went to unexpectedly, and I was able to talk to his owner a little. He was a really great dog, a harlequin too which I love. I also was able to get in touch with a few people thanks to someone on the Beauceron forum section here and I will hopefully be meeting someone else and their Beauceron later in the week.
I did contact one breeder but haven't heard back so far.