Name ideas for a scruffy-looking girl?

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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 11:54pm PST 
Well, I just put in my first application for a new rescue dog (eeee!). I haven't heard back yet, and I don't know if things will work out, so I don't want to jinx it by linking to her Petfinder page. But several of the dogs I have found to be a good fit for me have, by coincidence, been scruffy-looking terrier-ish female dogs. They also have, by and large, names I'd prefer to change. My problem? I have such an easier time coming up with boy names! And the girl names I do come up with all sound too...soft or girly (since that was the direction I was heading looks-wise before personalities started getting in my way laugh out loud).

I haven't seen a good name suggestion thread come up in a while, though, so I thought I'd try one here and see if you all can help me brainstorm!

I like names that are amusing, spunky, and/or pretentious (my current top choice boy name is Archimedes, Archie for short). I'm also interested in names that make her sound tough, queenly, or bigger than she is, since I think that's cute on a small dog. Literary or mythological names are good too, but it's hard to find one that fits.

Some I've thought of, but haven't committed to:
- Cici
- Cordelia
- Nanette
- Thisbe (rhymes with Frisbee)

So...what girl names are rattling around in your brains, Dogsters?

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Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 5:13am PST 
Scruffy terrier types are the best, obviously wink

A few names off the top of my head that might suit -

Beatrice ( Bea for short )

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Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 6:26am PST 
Rhoda, just heard about Rhoda from the Mary Tyler Moore show having cancer. I remember she was kind of tuff and ruff but pretty.


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Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 6:50am PST 
I love the name Thisbe!

I knew three Jack Russells once named Tutu, Momo and Mojo. Momo and Mojo were boys but those names could work for girls too.

Other names I like that might fit your taste:

Anastasia (Stasia or Tasia for short)
Josephine (Jo for short)
Phaedra (or my husband prefers Thaedra which he made up)
Wisteria (Wisty for short)

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Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 10:47pm PST 
Of course I should've known that Missy would approve! laugh out loud

These are some great names so far! I really like Priscilla, but I can't think of a way to shorten it besides "Prissy" and that just seems...off. Penelope is cute too. I also like Rhoda, Dahlia, Lyra...I have some really funny associations with the name Phaedra ever since we read Racine's play about her in one of my theatre classes, but it is actually a funky name.

I also like the name Lucy (or Lucille), but I know another terrier named Lucy through my extended family, and even though she's a JRT and this dog isn't, I don't want to seem like I'm copying. thinking

And I'm really taking a liking to Thisbe, as well...I'm glad you like it, Capone (awesome name, by the way)!

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Barked: Fri Mar 8, '13 11:51am PST 
You could shorten Priscilla down to Cilla which i think is really cute too way to go

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Barked: Fri Mar 8, '13 6:07pm PST 
-Aleksandra (Or Sasha, the Russian nickname)
-Hatsheput (Naming after Ancient Egypt's tough female pharaoh, if you want to get really quirky)
-Deborah (After ancient Israel's only female judge, per the Christian scripture)
-Esther (After a queen who faced death to save her people, per the same source)
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Barked: Sat Mar 9, '13 5:40pm PST 
Audie, Adelaide, Asta, Althea, Audrey, Avery,

Bracken (some Scottish friends had a Border Collie named Bracken, but that sounds great for a scruffy dog to me!)
Brigit, Briar

Cleo, Clover, Clementine, Carmen, Daphne, Delphi,

Ermine, Esme, Edwina, Georgie, Gabby, Haley, Harriet, Izzy,

Josephine, Jules, Juniper, Katy, Lottie, Lorelei,

Mosette, Merry, Myrtle, Maeve
Noki, Nessie,

Odette, Olive, Opal, Petula, Posey, Portia,

Rue, Robin, Sage, Saffie, Sparrow, Sorrel, Thea, Tulip, Thistle, Tess,

Ursula, Viola, Willow, Wren

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Barked: Sat Mar 9, '13 6:23pm PST 
I named Mori's mom Brigit, we call her Brigs.
Or how about Samantha, Solange, Cinder or Secret.