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Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 8:56pm PST 
While living with my Papillons I have figured out what I like in a dog. I love a dog that is highly affectionate and Velcro. I don't like independence at all. I love an expressive dog with a big personality. I love a dog that likes other people and dogs, but I am their world. I prefer a dog that is kind of dainty and not one that enjoys rough play. The new breed must be gentle with small dogs and rabbits.

Okay, I know I pretty much described my Papillon River, but was just wondering what other sort of breed would fit that. It would be a pet and show dog. smile

Breeds I admire:

Anything Spaniel (Am Cocker, Eng Cocker, Eng Springer, Welsh Springer etc..)
Toy Spaniels (Cav and Eng Toy)
Boston Terrier (maybe?)
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Barked: Sun Mar 3, '13 7:38pm PST 
Maybe a pug or a King Charles??

Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 5:07am PST 
What about a pomeranian? If you can handle barking that is. Sweet, love their people,very velcro, definitely have a big personality and very smart.


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Barked: Sun Mar 10, '13 7:18pm PST 
Sounds like you already found the perfect breed for you, why not stick to Papillions? Cavaliers are a great choice or Tibetan Spaniel maybe.

Barked: Tue Apr 2, '13 12:44pm PST 
Thank you all! Papillons are my heart breed and I will always have them. If I decide to try another breed it would probably be an American Cocker Spaniel or an English Cocker. English Toy Spaniels may work as well.
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Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 8:44am PST 
I think you just descibed a Chihauhau wink

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 7:56pm PST 
Pugs are the ultimate Velcro dogs. Mine won't let me go to the bathroom alone laugh out loud they also don't have an aggressive bone in their little bodies. Boston Terriers are pretty Velcro-y too, and very spunky to boot.

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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 6:11am PST 
Not a Toller for sure. They are more independent not velcro and certainly not "dainty." They are real hunting dogs with little to no split between show and field lines and they don't have a "pet" line.

I would rule out any of the bigger spaniels too on those grounds. I don't even think an American Cocker has a "dainty" personality. They may LOVE their human, but when outside their true sporting dog personality comes out and their hunting drive may come across in not listening.
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Barked: Wed Apr 10, '13 8:42am PST 
I agree with Selli,

Eng Springers and Eng Cockers are the only ones on your list I have experience with and they are certainly not 'dainty'... They love to get in to the thick of things, including mud and can be very high energy... Which of course means they love to have a play with any dog, regardless of how rough the other dog plays.

They are true hunters and yes, Velcro-like but they aren't for everyone... They can be highly strung lol.

I'm having trouble getting my point across lol...

We know a few around here and they love to rough-house with Skip... Dexter likes to herd them whilst the Spaniels chase him and roll around, all mouthy on the ground and in the mud with Skip...

Brilliant dogs... Some of them give my terrier a run for his money though puppy