Apartment Friendly Dogs < 30lbs

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Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 5:33pm PST 
While I have my heart pretty much set on getting a bassett hound. I'd like to know what other types of apartment friendly dogs exist?

I live in a 500sq ft studio with my beagle Jake and I'd like to know what other options are out there.

The ideal second apartment dog would be around the same weight as jake. Perferably quiet and make good company when left alone with Jake (aka minus mom's presence).

So basically I'm looking for a good stable well tempered dog breed. I'm not going to get a puppy so I guess I'm just looking for breeds known for these traits. I don't really care about shedding or grooming. I give jake weekly brush downs and he gets a bath every week. The exercise requirements can be the same or similar to that of a beagle.

I'm also preparing a backup list incase my landlord decides to impose a weight restriction. I highly doubt he will but just in case.

Your suggestions are apprciated.


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Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 12:58pm PST 
I've always been a firm believer that the size of the dwelling doesn't matter.
I currently have a Border Collie and a Kelpie mix together living in a 1 bedroom apartment quite happily. (Although you'll want to check breed restrictions on your place out of course)

I'd take a look at the shelter/rescue and maybe just ask about quieter dogs - just to please the landlord and other tenants lol.
I still like the hound idea, however that may be an issue if noise could be a problem. Or maybe a small terrier mix? That may be a little bit more energy than you're looking for though