The dreaded Second Dog Question- Would like recommendations please

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Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

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Hello All,

I'm looking for a companion dog for my beagle Jake. He's ~28-30lbs of laid back energy at home. He's not a big player or barker unless someone or something is in the yard or on the side of the house. He spends his outdoor time in a kennel/ dog run ( 6 ft x 5ft) due to our yard not being securely fenced. (I cannot fence it since I'm a renter and it's a shared property amongst 3 families with cars coming and going and what not.).

I'm looking for a friend for Mr. Beagle to play with or at least have to socialize with. He gets along great with other dogs large and small. the city i live in does not have any breed restrictions that i'm aware of. The lady down teh street owns a pit who's the sweetest thing ever. Her Chi not so much. My boy loves the dog park and does play well with other male and female dogs. He just doesn't like being humped. But i don't think any dog really likes that.

I was looking into getting a cat but i'm hesitant because jake's a beagle and i feel a cat would be a bad idea. So i'm looking for a K-9 companion for him in case I cannot get a cat to work.

I walk jake everyday to every other day for about an hour. He was trained with a head lead and he does amazing with hit. I let him sniff all he wants but he can't pull with that. it's kind of nice. He is raw fed with kibble left in toys during the day for him to play with. And he is very sociable and loving.

I'm not sure if a puppy would be best for me since I work but I would like to get some sort of companion for him. Any breed suggestions would be great.

** A special note: I bring my dog hopefully dogs to all my family events and there are small children there. So a breed good with small children would be best. It's not a requirement since I know it's all relative to the dog socialization and such but it would help.

Thank you for your suggestions in advance. hail

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What about another beagle - or hound type dog?
I've found that typically similar type dogs tend to get along the best. That's not to say a beagle couldn't get along famously with another breed, but a beagle may work out well as you've already got the experience with Jake and sort of know what to expect. If of course you're looking for another beagle that is.
Plus beagles are typically famous for their love for children smile

Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
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I was gonna suggest the same thing Oz!

Hounds usually do very well with each other. Are you against getting another beagle or a med/small hound mix? They're very easy to find in shelters and rescues (at least where I'm at) and even though it's sad how many there are, it does mean Jake and you could find a pup you both are very fond of.


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I was going to suggest the same thing, get Jake a lady friend. A female beagle maybe a bit younger would be great with him. Hounds do good with each other and have the same play and walking styles. Good Luck in your search! cheer
Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

I am Murphy's- Law Embodied! <3- Me!
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I have toyed with the idea of another beagle. But i'm not sure if i want to go through with it. I was also considering a basset hound. I'm also not sure now if I should get another dog from the pound/shealter or a dog from a breeder.

Jake is a pound rescue that has interesting quirks from being handled poorly by the humans before me.I'm not home as i was when i got Jake and he needed so much work in the beginning.

SInce Jake was a rescue would it be better for him to get a partner that is also from a shelter?

If not do breeders sometimes have older dogs like dogs around a year or older??

Also should i get a female dog? or would it be okay to get another male??

Thanks in advance.

Jake's Mom. hail

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Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '13 12:32am PST 
I think getting another dog from a shelter or even a rescue would be great! I mean I don't think Jake would care, as long as he got along with the dog, where it came from, but me personally I knew I wanted to take home a shelter pup for our second dog. There are so many great dogs that need a home. If you wanted to know more about the dog than going through a rescue where the dog is fostered might be the way to go, so you can find an adult dog who doesn't have so many things to work on other than basic house manners. Breed specific rescue in this case would definitely make it easier on you whether you go Beagle or Basset.

You could go with a male, since hounds aren't really known for SSA then as long as the two get along then I'd say that's not a problem. Our two boys get along great. But in general it's usually recommended to get the opposite gender. Breeders do sometimes have young adults, but I couldn't tell you much about that since I have no experience. But it would be the same as looking for a breeder for a puppy, making sure they health test and title their dogs and all that good stuff and then reach out to them and ask if they have any adults or if they ever do.