Most "bomb-proof" breeds?

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Barked: Wed Feb 13, '13 3:14pm PST 
What are some of the most "bomb-proof" breeds, as a whole? Meaning, least likely to become anxious, fearful, or aggressive towards strangers, cars, kids, and other dogs?

List preferably breeds who are also not stubborn and quick to learn- though I'm aware that bomb-proof tends to go hand in hand with a kind of independence. thinking
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Barked: Wed Feb 13, '13 8:56pm PST 
You could always go to a good shelter and ask, most have good ideas of what their dogs will tolferate smile

As for pure breds, a well bred Golden Retriever or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel seem to be downright bomb proof. I've seen lot of these breeds deal with just about everything and be just fine, There are however, other great examples of other breeds too, just my observation.

If you do opt for a purebred, please please ( as I state again) get from a reputable breeder, not a backyard breeder or pet store.. as I have seen both of these otherwise great breeds have major health issues or temperment issues because of bad breeding, or being bought from a petstore..

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Dr. Watson

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '13 2:19pm PST 
Bomb-proof is often used to describe a dog with "good nerves" which isn't necessarily a dog who is dog and human social, perhaps just dog and human tolerant. A bomb-proof dog however, is not aggressive nor anxious.

Part of good nerves has to do with breed, part with breeding, part with raising. In fact some dogs that end up bomb proof can go through rough teenage years and exhibit a good bit of "stubborn behavior."

It appears that perhaps you are looking for a dog with a stable temperament, good sociability with humans and dogs, learn in few repetitions,etc. Some very trainable dogs may be ruled out due to less socialbility.

It appears you are looking for a dog often described as "good for a first-time dog owner." This rules out certain breeds.

A few clarifications would be helpful.
By good with cars do you mean 'not a car chaser?'
Are you looking for a puppy or an adult dog of known temperament. Getting a puppy will limit your breed choice more, and you must commit to very good puppy raising.
Are you able to commit to exercising the dog? How much?
How about puppy and obedience classes?

Addy had some good suggestions.

If you provide me with more information, I will try to come up with a few more. smile

Dr. Watson

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Barked: Fri Feb 15, '13 10:39am PST 
Guess the OP got enough answers. Or moved on. A Poodle, any size, might be another suggestion, especially a Mini or a Standard.

Lickin your feet- all the time
Barked: Fri Feb 15, '13 11:25pm PST 
I'm still here, Watson! smile

I wouldn't mind rescuing an adult one bit. In fact, it's preferred, since in most cases their temperaments will be thoroughly known by the foster parent. But which breeds have the highest tendency to be bomb-proof?

By "good with cars" I just mean not reactive in any way (fearful or a car-chaser)

I'm willing to meet whatever exercise requirements the dog needs. smile First and foremost criteria at the moment is a stable and "bomb-proof" temperament.

Thanks for the replies!

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Dr. Watson

Not a wiener- dawg!
Barked: Sat Feb 16, '13 11:41am PST 
Sorry for the slowness in replying, I will get back to you when my cold virus is better. Off the top of my compromised head, some of the gundogs were bred to work during the day closely bonded to the hunter, with other dogs, and then come home to be a family dog. Thus they require exercise, lots of it, but bond well, have excellent temperaments, and are dog social and human social. Retrievers such as non field line (there are some really field crazy labs) and moderate Goldens are especially good for this. You want to avoid the very hyper energy gundogs such as Weims and the overly sensitive dogs such as Brittanies. Do you have any favorites among the gun dogs? Goldens and Labs are among the smartest dogs in terms of the quickest to learn. Labs can tend to be slightly more stubborn, but that's usually not a problem. And there are tons of Labs in shelters, sadly too many, A well bred one is also a good option. Toto knows a lot about more moderate Labs.

German Shepherds are among the classic bomb-proof and most intelligent (remember I am speaking of trainable dogs) of dogs, but their adolescence can be rough and they require leadership (not a hard hand, per se.) They are not necessarily dog or people social, either.

Off hand, BCs and Cattle Dogs are extremely smart, but can be car chasers and rather "sharp." Cattle dogs can also be prone to DA.

A Papillon is very clever, but energetic, and must be extensively socialized toward other dogs. The Cavalier seems a nice choice, but can have health problems.

An older Pittie will be of known temperament and is another option. Adolescent pitties may develop DA, but by later maturity, this well be set. They are lovers, good family dogs, and very human social.

And a Poodle is great as I said. Smart as a whip, loves humans, good with other dogs, not a chaser. Even temperament. I suggest an older Poodle of a known temperament or a Poodle from a very good, reputable breeder. I love the Standards, myself.

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Barked: Sat Feb 16, '13 1:59pm PST 
My experience is limited, but a husky could meet your needs, as long as you provide the exercise and don't mind the shedding.

I thought my daughter just lucked out with Kale. He was 4 1/2 and an owner surrender at the pound. His prior owners had trained him pretty well though. In over a year he's been living with us, the only tense time was Teeko moving in, and that has passed. He's been very mellow and sweet for the most part, likes every person and most dogs. Those he doesn't like, he tolerates.

Along came Teeko, who was severely neglected by at least two prior owners. Younger than both Ace and Kale, he's energetic, but still a loving and sweet boy, to both humans and other dogs. Playful, but not aggressive.

I'd look at rescue huskies, I think there's pretty good odds of finding a stable temperament, based on my experience.

Hoss the Boss
Barked: Sun Feb 17, '13 7:37am PST 
Well I have a bulldog/boxer mix. Nothing fazes him. He rarely barks, likes everyone he has ever met and is good with other dogs, gets along with my cat, loves car rides, is welcome in any pet store and spends about 60% of his time sleeping. But he loves exercise, 2 long walks a day and some toy time and playing with the cat. We adopted him when he was older and his beginning was pretty sad but even with all that he is laid back and friendly. Check with the rescues and let them know what you are looking for in a dog, they should be able to match you up pretty well.

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Sun Feb 17, '13 11:00am PST 
I will make note, that bomb-proofed-ness is a goal aspired to in GSDs, not necessarily a given in the breed.

To have one who is, is a great dog. You know you have reached something special with a dog on that level. Which perhaps is a somewhat sad point, in that it is a "special" thing, where maybe one would like it to be the standard.

Bloodlines and breeding play a lot into it. Certain lines will be naturally closer to that goal than others, but I would not call the breed (even those of supposedly "good" breeding) as universally "bomb-proof" and I would, lets say, any Labrador of good breeding.
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Barked: Sun Feb 17, '13 11:05am PST 
Golden Retriever.

My Golden, Ginger, was a stray rescue and when I got her she was shy/scared but I was able to quickly overcome these issues with her, and she became a very confident dog, about the most stable and tolerant dog I've known. I could take her almost anywhere and know she would be fine with it. She loved people, kids, other dogs, cats, and small animals. She was a therapy dog at hospitals and in a children's literacy program, and I also took her to many festivals/fairs, pet expos, dog shows, parades, restaurants (outdoor seating), on vacations, pet friendly hotels, stores, etc...
Of course we did a lot of training for obedience in order for her to be a therapy dog, and to be able to go to all those places, but she had to have the right innate temperament for it in the first place.

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