We want to add an English Bulldog to our family.

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My husband and I have decided to adopt an English Bulldog. We live in Tacoma, WA and have been looking for a reputable place to adopt from. There is a bulldog rescue here but we've not had great luck with them.

On two separate occasions we've inquired about a couple of adoptable dogs they've had available. On both occasions I was unable to get in touch with anyone that could answer my questions etc. When I did receive a response email, it was not replied to after I had responded back.

I understand people get busy but I feel very much that they were not working with us in an appropriate way. We are more than open about our living situation as well as what we have to offer.

My questions is, does anyone know where to find a rescue or breeder? We're hesitant to adopt from a breeder because we know that there are a lot of dogs that need adoption. I'm just not very familiar with how to go about adopting a dog that isn't in our state, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Before adopting Callie we were considering an English Bulldog girl. After much research and feedback from this site we went with American Bully. For you perhaps you want to look into Frenchies as well. I think healthwise the French Bulldog is heartier than the English.
I know from relatives dogs that English Bulldogs are big ol' easy-going couch potato family dawgs, happy with family, strangers, other dogs, children. But even giving birth is a major challenge for them-hence the problem you might be having with breeders. When pure bred they can be very expensive and there are the medical bills...they are prone to:
orthopedic problems
skin disorders
breathing difficulties
hip displacia
and more...
From what I understand having an English Bulldog means you will have a very close monthly relationship with your vet. Otherwise they are terrific dogs.
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In my personal rescue experience, adopting an English Bulldog is a frustrating task. This is a breed that is going to fall on either ends of a scale, one extreme or the other. On one hand, they have so few potential problem patches. They don't take a lot of exercise, they don't bark, are extremely social. Very little reason to give them up, i.e., leading them to rescue. So typically, what you have rescue wise are those who have DA or have health challenges. That's different than, say, Labs. Who have a lot of energy, can be destructive, can bark, are strong and rowdy. Lots of potential to be given up on when they are indeed extremely nice, problem free dogs....just too much dog for their owner. Versus a Bulldog, who typically isn't too much dog for most unless he has serious problems.