PLEASE HELP: Breed of puppy?

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I've found a puppy, gorgeous little thing. I don't know the first thing about dogs though, any information you can give me re breed/ age/ what I would have to do if I wanted to train her.. Anything would be helpful!

Especially breed:

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It'll be hard for people to give you much idea on age or breed without seeing her in person, and the best you'll get is rough guesses, as any number of breeds can mix together to create a cute little dog that looks like one or two breeds.

That said.. You found her? Being a puppy, it's likely she has a home already. Have you called local Humane Society's, Bylaw, etc to find out if she's perhaps missing and been reported as such? Or taken her to the Vet to be scanned for a microchip?

Off first glance, I assumed Husky mix, but I'm not so sure on that front when looking at the face and coat. She looks about three to four months old going by the pictures.

As for training, look up Kikopup on Youtube - she has some GREAT reference videos for training. You can also look into clicker training. I fully recommend if you don't find her home and keep her, to sign up for some local positive reinforcement classes. You can also check out these(click here) videos for reference points too.

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I agree with looking at kikopups youtube.

I get the husky/australian shepherd feel but I can only see so much from a pictures.

The vet can probably give you a pretty decent age estimate.

Definitely see if there's been a dog reported missing.

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I thought husky/aussie. But I am usually NOT a good guesser. Sure is cute, though.

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Very cute and definitely,... part Husky.