Mastiff question

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Barked: Tue Feb 12, '13 12:31am PST 
Currently we have a wonderful dog named Tuna. We got her one year ago this very month. She is a JRT mix and my first dog. Her constant go go energy made us think she might enjoy a friend to chase, and play with and I am sure our seven year old cat would love a break. Last night a eleventh month old mastiff came into the veterinary clinic my fiancé works at and due to financial reasons the owner relinquished custody of the dog to the clinic. This dog is so sweet and handsome, but is adding a dog like this to our family crazy? Could Tuna and this mastiff safely be friends , and how do they act with cats? Truthful advice, this dog is handsome and will have no problems getting adopted so I just want what is best for all the animals.

"Small fish with- tons of fight"
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '13 12:47am PST 
Oh a little more information. We currently live in a decent sized three bedroom town home but plan to move to a house with a big yard within six months. Also Tuna goes to the dog park about four times a week, and the dog beach once or twice a week. We have a dog walker for days when I am in school or she goes to the clinic with my fiancé. We also love paddle boarding with tuna, although I don't see a 150 pound mastiff being very stable, smile exercising the dog is no problem.smile

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Barked: Tue Feb 12, '13 8:16am PST 
I don't see it being a problem. Tuna and the Mastiff will figure out how to play with each other and most likely end up best buddies.
If you introduce the cat like you would to any new dog in the house, I'm sure the Mastiff will learn that the kitty is family. And a play buddy.

Moose has a short legged, 30lb terrier mix play buddy at the beach and they get playing kind of rough. Usually instigated by the terrier. But, when it gets like that, Moose automatically lays down and continutes the rough play laying on is side. It's so cute.

If you end up adopting the Mastiff, I hope it's a great fit.


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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '13 4:13pm PST 
Clyde's best friend weighs 7 pounds. smile His new annoying kid room-mate was 3 pounds when he came to live with us and the two get along fine.

I believe whether or not the dogs will be a good match is anyone's guess at this point. I do think, though, that if the mastiff and your dog play well together and the mastiff restrains himself around your smaller dog, that they can live together easily. Mastiffs tend to be very easygoing and "flexible".