If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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The Monster
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 11:36am PST 
A lot of people blame diseases on genetics when many diseases are result of environment and not genetics.

Brigantia – This is kind of funny but stop now.

Titling a dog is pointless, especially when breed standards, judging standards and the breeding practices of show breeders compromise the health of dogs.

So, what you're saying is, "I am excused from supporting unethical breeding practices because there are lots of unethical breeders out there"?

Don't like conformation? That's great. Neither do I. However to unequivocally state that titling in general is pointless is short sighted and, in my opinion, ignorant. I would encourage you to get more involved in the dog community (in real life, not on-line) and be active with your dog. I hope that you won't opt to ever breed your dog, but something about your posts worries me that you will. I hope I'm reading into it too much.

Please stop advocating the support of pet stores and brokers selling puppies.

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:10pm PST 
Please stop advocating the support of pet stores and brokers selling puppies

I wish they would. While it might be all fun and games to Zombie to get everyone up in arms on here, unfortunately genuine people who stumble upon this post via a Google search could well be influenced by Zombie's posts and that is truly sad. Hopefully the countless other informative posts here would be enough to deter anyone from buying from such places.

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:11pm PST 
Oh, and Zombie, I'm not the one stalking a dog forum trolling. You might want to be the one to "get a life" way to go

Chase, CGC

Beneth my goody- 2 shoes lies- dark socks
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:12pm PST 
Okay Brigantia and all I have to be a party pooper. After a very quick google search I found that Zombie is at the Branford,Ct All Pets Club and after a phone call where I talked to the puppy department I learned that Zombie is indeed still available at the store but in a back room by herself because she isn't feeling well but should be back out on the floor in a couple of days.
If can one could make this a clicky link I'd be very grateful.

http://www.allpetsclub.com/Puppies/AvailablePuppies/Pup pyProfiles.aspx?guid=7cbd9f20-8043-4f46-a70e-32900eab923f

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:18pm PST 
Missy, that's why I wanted Shadows and Sabs stories included. It turns my stomach that people, good people, will end up with pups that will become heartache and expense. There has got to be a way to stop this. If we just keep hammering the information out hopefully people will start to hear it.

I just got a bit sidetracked with the thought that I caused Sabi's deathcry
I will not rant anymore.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:20pm PST 
Zombie, you're clearly only familiar with breeders that like to rip people off. I'm looking at Tibetan breeders with a $2000 price tag and these are members of the National Breed Club. They have to abide by a standard of ethics or their membership will be revoked. This includes:

Rules on Breeding
. Experienced member breeders should make themselves available as a resource to novice breeders when requested. Conversely, novice breeders should actively recruit assistance from experienced breeders when engaging in this activity. All members should assist the breeders of their dogs by keeping them informed of their dog's development and health through-out life. ATMA members who breed will:
a)Adhere to AKC rules applying to litter and individual registra-tions, ensuring that any litter they produce is eligible for AKC registration;

b)Refrain from breeding females and males prior to the age of 2years;

c)Refrain from breeding females after the age of8 years;

d)Ensure that a female has no more than two litters in three years;

e)Use for breeding only animals which exhibit good type, are in good health, and are physically and temperamentally sound;shy and aggressive dogs will be eliminated from breeding;

f)Obtain an evaluation for hip dysplasia from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) prior to using a TM for breed-ing. Regardless of any prior evaluations, all dogs over 24 months of age who are to be used for breeding must be evalu-ated by the OFA for hip dysplasia after 24 months of age and prior to being bred. Only animals receiving hip scores of excellent, good or fair may be bred. If a breeder prefers,PennHip may be used and the dog's score shall be no greater than the average for large breed dogs;

g)Obtain, within 12 months prior to each breeding, a thyroid indicating all thyroid levels (T3, T4and Free T4) within normal levels

h)DNA register all dogs in their possession with AKC;

i)Although not required, it is strongly recommended that (i) an evaluation for elbow dysplasia from the Orthopedic Founda-tion for Animals (OFA) be obtained prior to using a TM for breeding (this shall apply only to those TMs that are evaluated after the effective date of this Code Of Ethics) and that only those dogs that are given an OFA elbow number be used for breeding, and (ii) a CERF number be obtained prior to using any TM for breeding;

j)Provide new owners with the following documentation: this Code of Ethics, an AKC registration application for the
indi-vidual dog, health and veterinary care history, evidence of the individual's and/or sire and dam's health certifications or evaluations, a three-generation pedigree, and recommenda-tions for general care and training;

k)Remain available for advice, when sought, for the lifetime of offspring from their dogs; if at anytime during the lifetime of any such offspring, the purchaser shall be unable or unwilling to keep such offspring, the breeder shall take back such off-spring; and if any such offspring shall not be taken back by the breeder and shall be placed with Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc.,such breeder shall donate not less than $300 to Tibetan Mastiff Rescue,
Inc. to help defrayits expenses;

l)Ensure to the best of their ability that puppies produced from any of their TMs will be raised and sold in a manner in accor-dance with this Codeof Ethics;

m)Microchip or tatoo every puppy prior to sale or transfer;

n)Exhibit at dog shows and matches where feasible;

o)If at anytime hereditary health problems arise in either sire or dam or in any puppy=in the litter, the breeder will promptly inform all owners of dogs from such litter and remove the effected dog from the breeding pool;

p)Sell all puppies pursuant to a written contract; no such contract shall require the purchase of a puppy bitch to breed that bitch at any time; and

q)Any puppy sold with limited registration will be sold pursuant to a contract requiring the puppy to be spayed/neutered prior to the age of 1 year unless such contract provides for a lifting of the limited registration if an acceptable OFA score is obtained,in which case such contract will require the puppy to be
spayed/neutered prior to the age of 2 ½ years if such OFA score is not obtained.

What absolutely HORRIBLE breeders they are! These rules are pretty standard for all National Breed Clubs. Please do enlighten us to which of these things YOUR wonderful breeder does.

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We don't do- doodles!!
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:29pm PST 
THANK YOU Chase!!! I took the liberty of notifying HQ to shut down Zombie's page. I have been searching for that information since Friday, good sniffing job!!!!

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:30pm PST 
Great sleuthing Chase smile

Wow, what a crazy price silencedsilenced

The Monster
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:34pm PST 
Clicky link:


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Miss- Pig!
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 12:35pm PST 
Aww, I can't get the link to work. Just showing that Zombie is still in the pet store? Oh, and not feeling well either. Hardly a surprise considering where the puppy is.

Sabi hug I know how hard it's been for you. Thanks for sharing your heart-breaking experiences to help enlighten others.

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