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I'm looking for a large dog to keep me safe in my apartment. Needs to be trainable, and protective smile Im not picky on the breed but am not a fan of the terrier group. Any suggestions? IMPORTANT, I will be in an apartment and would prefer a lower energy dog, but definately not a small one.smile

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we will need a lot more information in order to figure out which breed is good for you. As of now, we only know that you want a large breed that is not too active.

We need to know:
what you consider large (give us a min weight if possible)
Does shedding or drool bother you?
You want something trainable but how much time are you willing to put in to train it
You want protective but there are different kinds of protection...do you want a dog that can be around strangers and evaluates the danger OR will just having a deep, intimidating bark be okay OR do you have some other form of protection in mind
Will the dog be around kids? other dogs? small animals?
how much time are you willing to put into grooming?
You want a dog that is not too active but we need to know how much you are willing to walk the dog or do other activities with it (some dogs I consider not that active may be too active for others so knowing how much time you can commit to exercise will help)

I know that there are other things we need to know but if you could give us more info we could narrow it down and try to figure out which breed would be good for you.

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Nothing smaller than 50 lbs full grown
shedding doesnt matter, drooling a bit is fine, but nothing like a mastiff
I mean I want a dog that can be trained to protect and will of course put time into it.
Preferably one who will give a threatening growl or bark.
I want a dog that will always be good with kids and other dogs. I dont have kids, but don't want my dog harming children.
grooming is not a concern.
I will always take the dog for walks everyday, but keep in mind, my living space is small. thanks for the reply! smile


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Honestly, a lot of breeds could match your criteria. When you say trained to protect, you mean trained to bark at people? Many dogs will bark at someone arriving or coming into their house, and any large dog will be enough of a deterrent to keep you safe from most people with ill intent when you're out and about. Real protection training, where the dog is actually trained to bite on command, takes a dog with very specific breeding/temperament, thousands of dollars in training, a very good trainer, and a knowledgeable handler. I'm guessing that's not what you want/need. It's generally very easy to teach a "watch!" command where the dog is trained to bark at a person, which I gather is what you're looking for? Pretty much any dog that will bark can be taught to do that.

If you're amenable to an adult dog, a good shelter/rescue could pair you up with a dog that's in your size range, good with children, lower energy, easily trained, intimidating looking, ect. With a puppy, you don't know for sure what kind of temperament you'll end up with, an adult is a more sure bet. Herding breeds often have the natural protective instinct you seem to be looking for. A German Shepherd would be an obvious suggestion, and there's no shortage of them in shelters, including many breed specific rescues. Herders do tend to be high energy though, which again is where an adult rescue might be better than a puppy, since you could look for one that's a little more of a couch potato.
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Would this be your first dog? If not, what other breeds have you owned before?