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Berger Blanc Suisse

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Miyu CGC

Bow down to the- Princess Brat!
Barked: Fri Jan 25, '13 6:41pm PST 
So basically its (in some countries) listed in their kennel clubs as a distinct breed but deep down they really are just whites? Did i get that right?

I am with you on the splits though, Mulder. A GSD is one, white, black, sable, long haired or plush...
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