Any idea how TALL this puppy will get?

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I've got a friend who keeps asking me how tall her puppy will get. She doesn't seem satisfied with my guess, so I told her I'd ask here.

The puppy is 5.5 months old and about 22 inches. Her dad was 32" and her mother was about 25".

The other question she has and doesn't like my answer is at what age would the puppy be fully grown height-wise.
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Do you know what kind of dog she is?

I'd guess around the mom's height, maybe a bit shorter or slightly taller since the dad is 32" but I don't think she'll get much taller than the mom if she does.

From what I've read most people say around 6-8 months is when they reach their adult height but continue to fill out and put on weight.

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I think it depends on the individual dog and obvisouly the breed(s) in the mix.

My girl Reagan who has some GSD and Malamute in her gained another 1.5 inches and 8lbs during her 12-24 month period. She ended up topping out at 28 inches and 73lbs (she was about 55lbs and 24inches at 5 months).

Wilbur will just be 9 months old (has some husky and GSD in him) and he is 30 inches and 83lbs. He was 57lbs at 5 months and already 26 1/2 inches. I have been keeping better track of his growing then Reagans since I have been comparing him to his siblings (we all keep in touch).

One of my foster boys I had (with some Malamute) was right on the same track as Wilbur at his age. At 3 yrs old he ended up topping out at 32 inches and 115lbs!!!! eek

My guess is since the pup is already 5 months old and only 22 inches...comparing to my guys, I would say maybe 25-26 inches?

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