American Bullies

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Tall,Dark, and,- Handsome
Barked: Sat Jan 5, '13 1:02pm PST 
Hi all,

I was talking with my dad and said if he were ever to get another Pit type dog he'd like it to be an American Bully. He likes the look of the less extreme ones that look more like big pits, not the short hippo looking dogs with the giant heads.

Everything we've read on them says they're not as intense or active as the Staffy and APBT. They're less likely to have dog aggression issues, and they're better suited to be family pets.

Moe is part bully, and he's just awesome. Goofy, lazy, loves people and other dogs. We met his grandparents and they were awesome dogs as well.

My dad had an American Staffordshire Terrier when he was younger. He's told countless stories and he was an awesome dog, but very intense, and active, but he was good with other dogs.

From what he's read about American Bullies they'd be a better fit and easier to manage and we'd like a dog that can get along with other dogs. Since we have family that visit with other dogs and small kids, etc. Not saying other pit type dogs aren't good with other dogs. My dad's was and I've seen plenty of others.

We love pits and from what we read based on an Am Bully they might be a better fit for our situation and things we want.

So is there anything you guys would like share about the breed or even give some more info?


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Spooky Mulder
Barked: Sat Jan 5, '13 6:18pm PST 
Here's the thing.

It ALL depends on who the breeder is. ALL.

There will surely be people who come here blasting the Am Bullies... and with good reason, their breeding is all over the place, the VAST majority of it bad, and they most certainly heavily attract the BYB crowd when it comes to breeding them.

BUT. And here's where I disagree with most, there actually are some people out there doing it reasonably well. I actually have a friend who is heavily invested in them... big into showing (ABBA) and working (she is trying to found a local weight pull club here). She isn't as conscious about health testing as I, personally, would want in a breeder... but she does x-ray the hips and has researched her lines pretty extensively. And honestly, in terms of the sort of dog she breeds, they literally are just large, very heavy boned Pits. They take heavily from that OLD, good Razor's Edge blood, which IS mostly about size and substance WITH correct structure, before idiots took it all to hell and turned them into gross little hippo dogs.

Again, finding a savvy breeder is key, as these dogs are so all over the place that its hard to really generalize what their temperament and character are like. I've seen plenty of good and bad on both ends.

At their best, yes, they tend to be a bit more laid back, a bit less intense, and slightly more agreeable with other dogs (make note- I've never met any that I would consider truly 100% agreeable with other dogs, at least with those of the same sex, but I've seen plenty who where perfectly stable and more than able to live with or be around other dogs of compatible temperament). Being less driven and intense as your standard APBT or Staffie has something to do with that, as the DA/SSA issue is deeply woven within that very TERRIER mindset of intensity and extreme drive.

At their worst, they can be complete nerve bags, fear biters (and POWERFUL ones), with abysmal health and deeply flawed characters. Allergies are super, super common, bad knees and hips are common, certain lines can carry a dangerous genetic aggression (mostly those who bred out to Presas or other less stable breeds, though rarely will a breeder ever admit to this).

Point being, be extremely careful with who you go with. Many of the people on these dogs are in it for the money, as they can rake in BIG $$$ for stud fees and puppies (around here, the big stud that everyone likes to breed to goes for nearly 10 grand a breeding... you can imagine what the puppies cost).

If this is what you really want, look for breeders active in their ABBA communities, who show and work their dogs, and who actually offer contracts worth a spit on their puppies (remember, a contract should protect YOU, the buyer, not JUST the seller...).

I also strongly encourage you to consider a nice older rescue. Sadly, due to the idiocy that still surrounds the bulk of their population, many of them end up being surrendered. People get them because they want a "bad a$$" dog, but quickly realize that while "softer" than the average APBT, they are still LARGE, active, powerful breeds who can be issue-y in the wrong hands and hard to handle.

Please make your decision here very, very carefully.

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What Mulder said. Tread carefully here.


Tall,Dark, and,- Handsome
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Thank you for the responses

Bad breeding was the main issue for me. I don't think we will be getting another dog for quite sometime, and our dogs are going to be around for quite awhile. So a puppy would be easier to integrate into our pack than an older rescue. Plus my dad seems set on a puppy.

Again this is just a dog my dad is interested in for the future and probably won't happen for a long time.

I'm definitely going to help my dad do his research and look for a good breeder with the help of dogster when the time comes if he wants to get one. My dad love pits and after doing some research thinks a good one would be a better fit than a standard American Pit or Stafforshire Terrier.

Finding a good breeder for a good price will be difficult though I'm sure. My dad would like to get one from a reputable breeder, but some of these dogs are REALLY expensive.

If anyone knows of a good breeder in CA that would be nice. It wouldn't hurt to check them out for the future.

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Spooky Mulder
Barked: Sun Jan 6, '13 1:56pm PST 
Chewy, if you are in CA, you can start your search with Ruckus.

Again, people will need to prep themselves, these guys aren't cream of the crop when it comes to big picture dog breeding... but they are a mostly responsible bully breeder.

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One thing I might add is that bullies given the right socialization can be very good with other dogs. Sophie hangs happily in the little dog park with no problem and she visits a friend's Ridgeback and has a great time. The only issue with even the happiest bully is that they are mega strong and they play stronger than most dogs. That's something you need to watch carefully.