How similar are Labs and Standard Poodles?

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Barked: Sun Dec 23, '12 9:25am PST 
I know of at least one person on dogster who started off with Labs and then wound up with smaller poodleswink Hubby, who is not a dog person, has a favorite dog on his flyer route that happens to be a Lab. Being as they are both water retrievers , how much do Labs and Standard Poodles have in common? From the dogs of both breeds I have met, and emailing reputable Standard Poodle breeders, my impression is that Labs are goofier and more rambunctious, whereas Standard Poodles are more refined and calmer in the house. Am I way off here, or am I close?

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Barked: Sun Dec 23, '12 9:58am PST 
Based on what I've seen at my job, you're pretty spot on. The standard poodles have been much calmer over all, and much more aloof. They aren't as demonstrative with affection to strangers. Labs on the other hand are giant goober-y perpetual motion machines, at least while young. And sometimes when not so young.

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Barked: Sun Dec 23, '12 11:50am PST 
I've often wondered this myself.
More or less because of this "doodle" craze.
I don't have much experience with Poodles especially, but to my knowledge they are a lot more serious than the often goofy Labrador. This may translate to being less accepting to squishy/cuddly behaviour especially from children and strangers.

Now I could totally be way off base with that. I figure there just HAS to be a reason for mixing the 2 breeds together.

Then again, a frequent complaint I hear about the Lab is that they are too hyper/bouncy for their liking


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Barked: Sun Dec 23, '12 12:32pm PST 
I don't know if the one Standard Poodle i know is unusual for his breed then but he's VERY active and full on, more than any Lab i know. He's a lovely dog but a handful, at least for me he would be anyway.

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blue dog bumpity big grin
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Nothing to say about poodles, but I guess are exceptions to everything. My first Lab, Dixie was (once matured) a very sedate and dignified animal.

Savannah (on the other hand) is a love, but continues to define goofiness.
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Well, as the lab, now poodle person mentioned above, I find my labs much more happy to go with anyone, anytime as compared to my poodles who are more Momma's kids. They LOVE everyone but prefer to stay with me while those labs will go home with anyone.
Otherwise, my labs have always been dogs who will do ANYTHING outside but are laid back and calm in my house, much the same as most spoos I know. I just find the "extra" size of the spoos a bit too much. The labs may outweigh them but are not able to clean off the table by just leaning their head on it like those spoos who stand 26 to 28 inches at the withers.
We groom a 14 year old spoo and have since he was a baby. He STILL removes EVERYTHING off our counters when he comes in, something most labs have never done!!
As for the reasoning behind breeding labs to spoos...I never could figure out WHY that was done...a spoo is very much a lab with a curly coat and longer legs, IMO, and I have no idea what was gained by breeding them together.

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Toto way to go My Std. Poos are very calm in the house...from the get go.

However, Std. poos are freakishly smart and WILL try to outwit you. True thinkers. They always seem to ask, "is this in my best interest? why should I do this?" where as a Lab is willing to do anything.

Both breeds are athletic...happy go lucky...BUT Toto said it best...the Lab is happy with people...ANY person. Std. Poos are VERY connected to their own peeps. Which makes them a better "watch dog." And they don't have the type of tail that can clean off the coffee table in one swipe or knock you over by slamming into you.

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Yup, Jasper, we do not have coffee tables in my house, BOL!!!

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In my opinion...the reason for doodles is someone somewhere thought they could get a dog that didn't shed AND you wouldn't have to groom. Reality is a coat that is unpredictable in its texture and usually more difficult to care for that a Std. Poos.