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Barked: Tue Dec 4, '12 10:43pm PST 
Alright, so I'm a senior in college and I've had the thought of getting a dog of my own for awhile but never really took any action. I've recently started to seriously consider it. I graduate in May, so I guess that means I have to go into the real world here in a little while (keeping my fingers crossed about a job). I was wondering if anyone had any input about getting a dog right around graduating college and starting a new job/maybe continuing school. I'm also trying to decide between GSPs and Labs. Thoughts?

The place I stay at during school is a small three bedroom house on about a quarter of an acre with a decently sized, fenced in back yard. Not sure where I'll be in six months, whether it be a job or possibly grad school. I'm an active person, love the outdoors, and want a jogging buddy. Growing up, my family always had a dog but now I want one of my own. I know it's a lot of responsibility but I think I can handle it. Just thought I'd try and pick at someone's brain for advice or considerations.
Kodiak CGC

Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 8:40am PST 
I'd say to wait until you can look ahead and say you likely DO know where you'll be in six months. You're about to get into a potentially very hectic and stressful time, and you'll have enough to adjust to with just finding a job and getting into the new routine.

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Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 6:30pm PST 
I agree with Kodiak. Six months is really not that long and if you are getting a dog from a responsible breeder, you will most likely need to wait at least that long for a puppy.