Article in the Dogster Blog About ONLY Adopting Shelter Dogs

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 7:39pm PST 
Eeeks @ Sarah. I think we need to allow a LOVE for these dogs, rather than a hysteria. We can't save them all. It's sad, but we can't. As I said....let's look at the real problem, which is intake. And in the meantime focus on good adoptions and doing right by these dogs.

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 8:08pm PST 
Rescue is starting to become a bit of an irony. And I agree with your statement, no matter how bold it was, that some go on par with millers and BYBs. Where it literally becomes about moving dogs. That's it. #642 out the door.

Tiller this is exactly why our little operation started. After years of volunteering and fostering I was heartsick and frustrated. No one cared, no one followed up and no one could be bothered. A disgusting number of the bitches we grab came from rescues that required signed spay/neuter contracts but NEVER FOLLOWED UP. One guy that we helped shut down had adopted 5 bitches from various fosters working for the same rescue. When this started I was full of bravado, attack the millers directly and stop the problem. Sure. Except that while I'm fighting with 1, 3 more pop up. We can't get one area cleaned up. So yeah, I am all for adopting. But at the same time I applaud the breeders that are doing it right and believe they deserve support and praise as well. I would like to add that a fair chunk of our adopters are referred to us by breeders for a variety of reasons. And sometimes breeders will allow courtesy postings on their sites.

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 8:31pm PST 
I've lost so much faith in Dogster for continuing to publish this dreck.

What do they think? What do they hope to accomplished?

Why have a "breed selector" quiz if they don't want people to match themselves with compatible dogs (news flash wackos, breeds of dogs come from SOMEWHERE, and your best bet of finding a dog that actually conforms to those specific breed characteristics is, SHOCKER HERE, a REPUTABLE BREEDER) or use stock images of PURE BRED dogs (likely from, gasp, BREEDERS) in most of their articles, or to continue to publish pieces about "War Dogs" and "Military Dogs" many if not all of whom were PURPOSE BRED from BREEDERS.

I'm so sick of this crap. Its so old.

Miyu CGC

Bow down to the- Princess Brat!
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 8:49pm PST 
It was really dumb. They're alienating a large group of their audience, many of whom did choose to go the ethical breeder route. I can kind of understand where that girl came from, but it's so right wing, so zealot, all it does is show her ignorance and drive away the people that she really does want to be on her side. Ironic, since they posted not long ago an article about how the EIC @ Dogster (Janine) did purchase from an ethical breeder. I also believe she even stated in the comments that she's suffered from such a similar, holier-than-thou attitude towards rescue dogs in San Francisco that it prompted her to write that story to begin with.

And Tiller is so spot on it's crazy. I am fortunate in that the rescue I adopted from is WONDERFUL, but during the course of searching was warned that there are rescues, unfortunately, who just push dogs out the door with no regard whatsoever to what dog might be suitable for which people. I just shudder to think what might have happened. I honestly don't know what I would do with a project dog, and am so fortunate that Miyu is as amazing of a girl as she is.

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 9:12pm PST 
You know what, I can't let this one go.

The more I think about it, the more it festers, and the more furious I become.

How dare. And I mean how DARE this author wag a finger at me, or people like me.

I'm about to say something extremely un-PC, but dammit if I could see this person eye-to-eye I would say it just the same...

I care for my dogs better than you do.

Yeah, that's right you self-righteous little turd, I'd bet all my worldy possessions that its true.

I do not vaccinate my dogs yearly, as an EDUCATED choice on my part for what I personally feel to be the safest and most healthy thing for my animals. Yet, every year, usually multiple times a year, I have my dogs in for physical evaluations, to have their hearts listened to, to have bloodwork drawn, and just to get an outside hand on them to make sure I haven't missed anything.

I bought a deep freezer that I routinely fill with raw meat that I use to make their meals with. I've driven HOURS out of my way just to load my car down with boxes full of dead rabbits and carcasses and every manor of things, which personally I find DISGUSTING, so that I can provide to my dogs what I feel is the healthiest, most appropriate diet available. I spend HOURS chopping and processing and balancing to ensure they are getting everything they need.

I've spent god only knows what buying all this organic coconut oil, kelp, raw goat's milk, non-soy based non-artificial vitamin E oils and Ester C and glucosamine and all this CRAP that may or may not even be doing anything for them, but that I keep up because if it even does SOMETHING, then its worth it to me.

I haul these dogs out to a chiropractor to have adjustments done on them and to get them laser therapy and muscle massages and whatever else voodoo this lady works, I don't even know but its magic and I do it and I don't even think twice about it.

I drive my sorry skin HOURS in every conceivable direction for every training scenario you can possible imagine. I do, have, or will have trained in OB, agility, protection work, tracking, even took a herding clinic that I blew a pretty penny on just to be disappointed in. This Saturday Ridley starts his first tracking class, I'm trying to get him in a group OB class for Thursdays, do agility with Mulder on Wednesdays and if I can find the TIME and the MONEY will also try to get him back into a competition OB class again on Tuesdays.

I THREW AWAY $50 worth of entry fees to walk into an AKC OB trial on Saturday and scratch my dog because he just wasn't with me, left the ring in TEARS, came back the next day only to NQ but finish the routine and walk out of that ring with a SMILE ON MY FACE because dammit he did GOOD even if he didn't Q and I would walk out there and do it all again a TRILLION MORE TIMES if I knew he was having fun and that's what he wanted to be doing.

So how DARE some uppity little tart sit here and point a finger at ME, and all the people LIKE ME, who bleed every last drop of blood in our bodies for these dogs, sit here and say they judge US.

No, honey, I judge YOU. YOU are the one coming up lacking in this scenario, and YOU are the one who should be ashamed.
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 9:33pm PST 
I don't mind them publishing something a bit off the chain to spark a little controversy, like the latest CM something. But if this is "For the Love of Dog" and the powers that be have a brain in their heads. I dunno. That's icky. We should be bringing people together. Not tearing them apart.

I personally will always have breeder dogs, but I am a puppy person. I mean like a hard core puppy person. I like that from the ground up thing, and for all those who say "my puppy is driving me crazy!!!!"....wow, I have never thought that for a second. And when it comes to puppies, really getting into pedigrees....which I admit I love, love, love (and I don't mean a pedigreed dog, but the actual lineage)....really jazzes me, and going through that trek of seeing a dog grow into his pedigree. And the emotionality of it. I remember my Pogo, and what his pedigree is now. Back then, things were just starting to heat up re Held, Schutzhund was new here, and Nimi is now a producer of tremedous significance. To every now and again see him in newer dogs, or to see a Held/Kirschental cross....it's just sock rocking to me, and really connects me back in an emotional way.

The rescue dogs I've been most attached to have been those who really needed my help. Marvin the AB, who was utterly beloved at his local shelter, but started to pine and stopped eating. They pleaded me to take him, and I found the only way he'd eat is if you sat with him. Fighting his way back, literally from a broken heart. That was unreal to me. Or little Spencer, whose video is still on Tiller's page, with his very potentially serious cervical problem. Needing me so desperately. That was awesome, too. I still regret a little letting him go. I will always miss him. I love these hardcore dogs, but he was hardcore himself. Living in excruciating pain getting pelted by his littermates before I realized the problem, and then what a little spitfire he was trying to play with Tiller. I can't imagine a puppy more dear.

Or although I didn't meet him....I was his champion from afar....Peter the GSD, who went on to be a SAR dog. A GSD puppy who was just DEAD. Right by death's door, so much so it took a whole day to find a vet to even touch him. THAT is a great story. Our funding source is a breed person whose male has gone AOM at Westminster. People working together. She found an EMT who could keep him on IV's, and she never let him go. Miracle puppy.

Those are just as emotional.

And to correct you, Mulder...please don't get too heated wink..... many a great working dog (here is short sample courtesy of GSDRNE) hug has been pulled out of a shelter. It's actually a great place to pull if someone is looking for a prospect. That dog their owners could not handle, is very work driven, needs that job. Alas, with rescue being what it is nowadays, rescues either don't pull them, or place them in pet homes for another pet disaster. And the breeders? Who knows where the hell they are. Some people are obviously too embarrassed to go to their breeders. And others are unsupported. It's all really sad. What could work and doesn't.

Here is a list of successes from National Working Dog Rescue & Placement -

"Pax" AKC German Shepherd -
Estate/Personal Protection

"Honor" AKC German Shepherd -
Schutzhund/Personal Protection

"Stryker" Belgian Malinois x GSD -
Mondioring/Personal Protection

"Pride" Dutch Shepherd -
Human Remains Detection

"Tazer" Belgian Malinois x GSD -
Tracking/Narcotics Detection

"Nitro" German Shepherd -
Estate/Personal Protection

"Glory" Belgian Malinois -
Search + Rescue

"Zeus" Rottweiler -
Estate/Personal Protection

"Tsavo" German Shepherd -

"Clyde" Bloodhound -

"Jenny" Labrador Retriever -
Service/Assistance Dog

Now of course this no reason to demand those who want to sport or want a PPD prospect rescue. That is personal choice. But it is to remind that whatever one is looking for, given tenacity and patience, it is out there.

Of course, one's choice as to the way they go is a personal one. As long as it is a responsible one, we need to support each other. Respect each other. That is "For the Love of Dog." That blog entry certainly was not.
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 9:40pm PST 
@ Mulder. LMFAO! I hope that made you feel better, for it sure did me! Thanks for that!

Because I'm- Duncan, that's- why

Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 9:43pm PST 
Tiller you wrote some GREAT stuff in this thread about dogs and rescue,
come over my house and let's talk about Peter Pan Crunchy!!!! silenced

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 9:49pm PST 
It did.

Yelling at people over the internet is very therapeutic wink

Member Since
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 9:56pm PST 
Bravo Mulder! applause Maybe it is time to stop worrying about being PC and putting our foots down on things like this.

Completely agree with Tiller..it's fine to have an actual conversation piece, and get different perspectives on issues, that's great; and I love hearing differing viewpoints, that is how we learn and grow. But to be so extreme and down-right hateful, judging someone you have never even met, or not considering their viewpoint...it took things way too far, and was really quite rude.

Also...since I've always rescued/adopted dogs, I've never really gotten to raise one from puppy up like Tiller mentioned...and it is my dream to be able to one day do just that, preferably with a pup with a known back-ground and with an idea of their temperament, etc. Is it really so much to ask for at least one of your dogs not to be a 'project' dog...?cloud 9
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