Gender Preference??

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Oscar Monster
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 10:59pm PST 
I tend to prefer females. I just get along better with them. They seem a little less goofy than boys.
That said, I always seem to end up with a male laugh out loud.
Kip & Oogie

Goof Fox & Diva- Squirrel
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 4:24pm PST 
Growing up, my family had a preference for female dogs, so when I started looking for a dog of my own that’s what I looked for. My family (still) believes that females are sweeter, easier to train, and calmer.

Well, long story short I ended up with a female puppy and then several weeks later a male puppy from the same litter of Pomeranian/long coat Chihuahua mixes. They are both very sweet, but are polar opposites in terms of personality and have been that way since they were little baby puppies. Even at 8 weeks, these differences were noticeable- I remember calling for Oogie to come to me, but she was far more interested in the breeder’s cat and ignored me… Kip came bounding to me even though it wasn’t his attention I was trying to get. This STILL happens today! Granted, Oogie will *usually* come after you call her a few times these days big laugh

My female, Oogie, was the runt of the litter and is about half of her brother’s size. She is more on the independent side- she likes to do her own thing and come up for love from you on her own terms. She’s also quieter and lower energy than my male and can be a little timid/fearful regarding new or scary things (like getting her teeth brushed or getting bathed/groomed or going to the vet). She’s not a big fan of long walks/hikes and has to be carried over terrain that is too rough for her. She’s on the regal side and takes herself very seriously despite her tiny stature, and her intelligence is more centered on figuring out how to get what she wants (very manipulative little thing) rather than pleasing people. That said, she takes to other people more easily than her brother does and doesn’t mind sitting in other people’s laps.

My male, Kip, is a velcro dog. He follows me everywhere and goes totally limp like a noodle in my arms. He’s very focused on me and eager to please, so he learns pretty easily. He’s also very expressive/silly/goofy and much higher energy than my female- while cuddling is one of his favorite things, he can play fetch or run for HOURS. He loves long walks and hikes. He is louder than my female and will bark at large hyper dogs and noisy, spastic children. Not too many things phase him though; he thinks the vet is fun, he doesn’t mind baths, and he loves being groomed. Kip will be nice to and greet other people, but he always comes to my lap to sit in when given the choice, and if I'm standing he's standing next to me rather than sitting in an open lap.

In regards to potty training, they were both extremely easy to train. In terms of tricks training, Kip was much easier to train, but a lot of that is that he enjoys learning and performing. Oogie, not so much! She prefers chewing on deer antlers or napping on the couch in her free time.

I once heard that “females LOVE you, but males are IN LOVE with you.” And I do feel that is the case with my two dogs. HOWEVER! I do feel that personality is something separate from gender, and while some traits may be more common to one sex that doesn’t mean that the other sex won’t ever display those traits. For me, I’ve learned that picking a dog based on personality and not gender alone is the best way to go... That said, I much prefer the personality of my male over my female, even though I adore them both to pieces and love them more than any words could ever express cloud 9
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