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I've been looking into the Borzoi. I LOVE hounds. Sighthounds, scenthounds, you name it. And I've never really looked into the Borzoi before.

I may or may not look into getting one in the future when I own my own home.

My concerns, though:
- How are they with children? I have lots of children who come and visit me regularly, even if I don't have my own and I do intend to have children in the future.
- What do they require in terms of exercise? I take my dogs for walks daily, and try to get out to the country or mountains to hike in the warmer seasons on a regular basis(at least two or more times a month). Dog park is also fun if/when I have dogs that handle other dogs well but I adjust that to the individual dog.
- I've heard they're independent, but how are they in terms of training? (Do they ever get found competing in anything in the canine sports? I've seen a few doing agility..)
- How are they with strange people?
- How are they with other dogs? (Generally speaking)
- What is they health like? (And what health testing should I look for from a breeder if I ever looked into getting one?)
- What would one look for in a good Borzoi breeder and what should one avoid?

I'm really, really more and more interested in them as a whole, and would love to learn more about them. I find them to be extremely beautiful, graceful and elegant, but have never met one in person. I do, however, love Irish Wolfhounds - so I'm not sure if they have anything in common with the Irish. My SIL has an Irish Wolfhound pup and he's extremely smart, independent, sweet-natured, aloof, and very very relaxed and laid-back.

If Vladimir could respond, that would be awesome! laugh out loud

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By no means an expert, but a lady who runs at agility has 3 (2 females and a male), and all of them are to some degree DA/SSA. One of the two females is extremely reactive to other dogs and tore into the other female on more than one occasion if I'm remember correctly. Other dogs are asked to leave the field when her male runs.

She has some super huge piece of property they all run on, so I don't know what their actual energy requirement is, but they seem pretty laid back at class when not around other dogs.

Pretty dogs, though.
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I know lots of Borzoi owners/breeders and I LOVE them!! They are such fun dogs and each has its own special personality.

- How are they with children? From what I have witnesses they tend to be great with kids (of course they should be introduced to kids while they are young)One person I know has a 5 yr old and a infant daughter she also has a 2 yr old and a 10 yr old Borzoi...these dogs are wonderful with her kids

- What do they require in terms of exercise? Zoi's tend to b very energetic as they were born to run. They like walks but would much rather run and chase something, most of the people I know have a yard devoted to exercise (very little trees/things the dogs could run into) and they go out with them and let them run and play in that yard, they also take them for daily walks. However, like i mentioned every zoi is different, some are crazy while others are lazy.

- I've heard they're independent, but how are they in terms of training? I personally like an independent dog, Zoi's can be trained if you have the right technique..they are VERY sensitive and if you hurt their feelings they will not work for you. One breeder I know had a dog (one of my fave zoi's of all time..her name was Gossip..she passes a year or so ago). Gossip was a great dog, looked beautiful, great at coursing, and a WONDERFUL obedience dog! I have seen them do great at training although be prepared for them to still be independent when it suits them.

- How are they with strange people? I have seen some that love everybody, some that could careless about strangers, and others who are very nervous and suspicious...it depends on the dog and their experiences.

- How are they with other dogs? I have only seen zoi's who are great with other dogs, i dont think i have ever met one that was dog aggressive although you have to watch them with little dogs as they have a high prey drive. As with all dogs they have to be socialized while young.

- What is they health like? Most that I have met are very healthy, I mostly hear about torsion (occurs when the stomach rotates and twists itself closed) happening. I know that bloat, PRA (eye disease), dysplasia (hips/elbows), and OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans) can be issues but I am not sure how prevalent they are.

Most breeders follow the CHIC guidelines for their breed, below is the link to the Zoi tests (sorry if it is not clickable)

- What would one look for in a good Borzoi breeder and what should one avoid? I tend to look for people who, along with proper health testing and dogs with good personalities, do things with their dogs. With zoi's all the breeders I know not only show their dog in conformation but also do lure coursing. Look for someone who is willing to tell you everything about the breed and their dogs, they will not try to hide any issues and are willing to let you meet their dogs multiple times. Generally they should not be pressing you to decide or to give them money immediately. Also most responsible breeders want you to bring them the dog should you ever have to give it up.

I would also love for Vladimir to chime in as while I know lots of people with zoi's I (unfortunately) have not had the pleasure to own one of my own yet.

I am in MD, if you are near us let me know and I can tell you where the next show will be with some borzois so you can meet some in person.

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Thanks guys!