is suge the right dog for me?

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 1:39pm PST 
hi, i live in a studio apt and i have a 4month old lab/shepard mix all black sugenite he is a mellow guy and walks behind me on our very rare walks or he alway looks at me to see where im at on walks he usully stays inside most of the time he is still learning pottytraining. there is a open unfenced court yard where i live close to a park but not fenced im a not active person i like to work out at the ymca but really dont enjoy walks. i do like to sit outside when it is nice suge is not very active but he does chew um i dont know if he wil get more active any advice?

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Nobody can tell you if your dog is the right dog for you. What I'll say though is that he is a pup from two active breeds, and as though he may be fairly chill now, that will likely change as he ages. He's going to demand more exercise before he needs less. Being a lab/shepherd mix he'll likely be a puppy for the next two or three years. During that time he will teethe, have another fear imprint period, *hopefully* learn to housebreak, and will be a large dog before he ever gets rid of any of that energy or mouthiness. My suggestion is to start getting some training with him so you don't end up with a big dog that makes you want to rip your hair out. Good luck!