Bigger dogs with low prey drive?

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Black dogs rock!
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '12 2:38pm PST 
That's funny, pooch laugh out loud I am sure your dog was an exception, thoughsmile
Pooch ~ I- miss you ~

love forever
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '12 3:00pm PST 
Oh yes he definitely was an exception! He was perfect for me though since I had a lot of small animals as pets over the years (hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets, rabbits, sugar gliders, a guinea pig...)
Pretty good match considering he was originally a stray I found (although we found his vet by a rabies tag he was wearing, we were never able to locate the previous owner , and think he was probably dumped considering.)
He had the total typical terrier personality except no interest in small critters, go figure. He was totally toy obsessed though.
If I could find another terrier like that it would be perfect. wink

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