My auntie to be is a Pit/Boxer mix - what to expect?

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So my grandparents have decided to take in an 8 week old boxer/pit mix puppy. I'm not worried at all since I'm the grand puppy and will always be #1 in their hearts. But my Mom has been wondering what Boxer/Pit mixes are like. Her parents are young and relatively active. (Mid fifties and late forties) My grandparents are really work out related people. They run everyday and bike ride for miles on the weekends. They often take me in my little pull along bike cart.

But I want to help put mom at ease about them getting this puppy. So could any owners of Pittie/Boxer mixes give us some clues as to what they're like? Or what one may expect from them in terms of size, character/personality and thinks like that?

The puppies mom is an average sized female boxer from show lines and the Daddy was the neighbors' red nose that jumped the fence. The puppies from the videos mommy saw and told me about look like little boxer puppies but we saw mom and dad and they're defiantly not both boxers.

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Any Pit/Boxer mixes I have known or met have been very very active dogs - like, NEED NEED NEED exercise. I find them to be jumpy, very people affectionate/friendly, but they can be a little overwhelming to other dogs if they're not properly socialized(jumping all over them, playing too rough, etc). That said, those that were properly socialized and properly exercised were FANTASTIC dogs all around. I had one in my family, Taz. He was the sweetest thing ever. But he always jumped the fence(SEVEN FOOT PRIVATE FENCE!), and went for walks on his own(this was back before -I- knew any better and when the older people in the family didn't really care). You call him? He ALWAYS came back. He was extremely sweet. Excellent recall. Friendly. I actually got a bunny while he lived with us and we let the bunny free roam and he was totally fine with the bunny. He ignored him and if he wasn't ignoring him, he was cuddling him. Literally, friendly with EVERYONE if it meant attention and affection.

Again, they need a ton of exercise though, so glad to see they're active people! This is definitely a mix that will benefit from an active family that regularly runs, bikes, etc and anything else outdoorsy that will exercise him/her physically and mentally.

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Bianca is a pit bull/boxer mix. She was about 6 months old when she was adopted.

It's hard to tell with mixes, you could get one that is very much like a boxer, one that is very much like a pit bull, or anything in between. With Bianca, it's pretty much like someone walked between the "pit bull" and "boxer" aisles in the supermarket and took exactly half of the traits off of either shelf.

Bianca had endless energy as a puppy, that has subsided somewhat now that she's a little older. She also has a malformed toe that prevents her from being active for as long as she'd like to be. But she still loves to take long walks and is not very easy to manage when she doesn't get enough exercise.

Bianca thinks everyone is her friend - people, other dogs, cats, toads, even big insects. It's great, in a way, because we don't have to worry about aggression issues with her; however, she is also very excited to meet someone new, and generally much more excited than the new "friend" she is about to meet. Bianca has to be leashed when meeting people with mobility issues, people who do not like dogs, and small children, because otherwise she is too overwhelming for them. After about 10 minutes, she can be unleashed and is fine.

Bianca has always been very strong; at 35 pounds she could pull me to the floor with zero effort. Now, at 60 lbs., she's even stronger. But at least now she has had enough training that she will do what you ask and it is not a problem with walks or playing too rough. She'll also stay in a crate without argument, even those flimsy mesh pop-up crates that my other dog opened and escaped in five seconds. I can walk Bianca and two other large dogs by myself on leash, and I am not a very large or strong person.

Training Bianca was an experience. She was not the quickest to learn anything, it took many repetitions, but once she got it, she got it and she never forgot it. Bianca is very good with basic obedience and knows a few tricks as well. She is very praise motivated (as opposed to food motivated) and is more focused on making the person happy than getting a treat. Of the three dogs in our family, Bianca is the most reliable off leash and also the most likely to listen to an unfamiliar handler. She also loves to play frisbee and tug games, but will release toys to the handler on command.

Bianca thrives on attention from people; she is particularly fond of children and will often do things for kids that she won't do for adults. Bianca is sort of a one-person dog, in that she absolutely worships my dad and her life revolves around him. But she does like everyone and will play with (and listen to) almost anyone. Bianca is a lap dog and a leaner, she prefers to be sitting as close to you as physically possible, even if your chair is not large enough to hold you both.

Bianca is also a bit of a diva, not sure if this is because my dad treats her like his third child or if that's just the way she is. Bianca wants what she wants, and she doesn't give up until she gets it. Google "singing boxer" videos and you'll get an idea of what we have to hear when Bianca wants something and you don't give it to her. Bianca also claims the front passenger seat on all car rides, even if there is already a human sitting there. If you give all three dogs a treat at the same time, Bianca will wait until the boys greedily gulp theirs, then she will slowly and daintily eat hers in front of them just to make them jealous.

Bianca can also be a sweet princess when she wants to be, she is gentle and polite with children, takes treats gently and eats daintily, she likes to sleep in, and she loves to cuddle in your lap. She's not barky and loves to be with people above all else. When she's not in diva mode, sometimes she'll even try to share her food with the other two dogs. However, grace and elegance in general is not her strong suit, she's more of a clutzy circus clown.

So there it is, Bianca in a nutshell. Sorry it's so long, but it takes a rather large nutshell to fit in Miss Moose and her giant personality. laugh out loud


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I agree with above posters .... get ready for the cute little pup to turn into a landshark in the coming weeks! big grin I would anticipate this breed combo to be VERY active and in need of stimulation. Keep lots of toys, treats, and chew toys around.

I would also highly recommend puppy socialization/obedience class! Best to teach those manners early on smile

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Yes, forgot about the chewing. Bianca chewed almost anything she could get her teeth on when she was a puppy. Kong toys held up fairly well, pretty much any other toy lasted about five minutes. She also loved to tear apart stuffed animals and rip out all of the stuffing. It was cute when it was her toy; not so much when it was a craft item someone made for a gift. Or an expensive custom made mouth guard that was just received from the dentist.

Bianca's favorite puppy toy was a solid red rubber ball (made by Kong). She loved to chase it around, but it became a problem indoors. It was heavy and knocked things over, she would crash into things chasing it, and if it rolled under the furniture, you had about five seconds to get it out before she'd start tearing the furniture apart to get at it.

Now that Bianca is older, she has pretty much grown out of the random chewing phase. She still likes to chew dog toys and chewy treats, but she has learned which things are okay to chew and which are not.

My suggestion is to stock up on sturdy chew toys and become a master of the game "Trade Me." laugh out loud
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When I got Turner he was a terror! laugh out loud Mouth, mouth, mouth! We taught him to get a toy whenever someone came over so his mouth was busy! He loved, loved, loved, loved people and was very protective of me. If my husband would give me a hug he would wedge his way in between us! laugh out loudlaugh out loud I only had him for 6 1/2 years, but he was my once in a lifetime dog and I miss him terribly! cloud 9 He was a frisbee nut and would push his indestructable ball forever if I let him! He wasn't too keen about swimming, but would run, run, run and run some more! happy dance He was the happiest dog I ever had, he leaned more towards the pit side of his breed, but was about 60 pounds when he matured. Very athletic and loads of fun. I learned that he was bred out of a fighting group in West Florida so he became dog reactive around 15 months old. Yet any dog that he was socialized with as a pup he loved without end! You autie is lucky to have such a wonderful mix, the fact that she is active will be a big plus! Get the dog out and get him socialized with other dogs and as many people as possible and most of all - enjoy him! way to go