Finding the right small dog for a couple

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We are a young couple and have owned a dog before. We are looking for a dog that is
1) under 25 lbs as that is the limit our apartment has set
2) dog that doesn't bark very much or very loud
3) very friendly and affectionate
4) a real snuggle bug--this one is important
5) enjoys long walks and some light hiking and occasional visits to the small dog section at the dog park
6) doesn't shed too much
7) disgustingly cute

So far we have looked at the Italian Greyhound and the min pin. We have also been scouring our local shelters but have not been finding our puppy there...we want a dog we can spoil and love on who will eventually be okay with a child entering the family in a few years

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Please check out the Coton de Tulear's. In my humble opinion they are a top notch small dog!applause
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Mini Poodle? Can be a little barky, everything else fits. A Toy Poodle might also be good, but may be too tiny if you want a robust companion that can handle kids in a few years.

Cocker Spaniel?
These both shed, but since they are small-ish dogs, it's not too terrible. Beagles can be very vocal, but you won't find a friendlier, happier dog. Cockers should be happy wiggle-butts too, though some poorly-bred individuals are fearful and oversensitive, leading to shyness and biting.

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The problem with the poodle is that my husband doesn't like fuzzy dogs, he says they aren't cute. I disagree but then again I also tend to prefer a more short-haired dog. We are interested in the Italian Greyhound, miniature pinscher and have considered a Boston Terrier as well. We LOVE Italian Greyhounds, except that they can be very fragile but we love their temperament's. The main problem is that we cannot afford a super expensive dog and there are not many IG breeders in VA so I'm kind of at a loss. We are waiting to hear back from a rescue group but we don't know yet...we are looking for a dog that we can purchase for $400 or less. We just don't have the money right now pay more upfront. We have a great vet and can handle minor expenses right now but just can't afford a $700 dog or even $1000 which is what we have been finding....hmm, maybe there is no hope for us finding a puppy.
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Honestly, you will not find a well-bred puppy for under that- if you see purebred puppies cheaper than that, they are probably cutting corners somewhere. If cost is a big thing for you, adopting an adult dog from a shelter or rescue is the way to go. The total adoption fee is almost always under your limit, and usually includes spay/neuter, shots, and sometimes other perks (that can cost hundred if paid on your own.)
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Oh, there's hope of you finding your pup! When we were looking for a new dog a couple of months ago, we wanted a German Shepherd, but we were blocked at every turn(weather, already adopted, etc)and by good fortune we ended up at the right place at the right time and got ourselves a breed I never would have thought of, a Rough Collie! She's an unexpectedly awesome dog for me. big grin So, there is hope for you, even if it takes longer than you expect. smile

Have you checked out Petfinder? You can look up Italian Greyhounds on there and you might come across a mix of one that has the looks, but is a bit sturdier. You can do a search and expand the range as far as you're willing to travel.

Have you thought about the Whippet? Their weight can be inbetween 15-30lbs, and are larger/sturdier than IG, but looks similar.
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In our area the local rescues often have young (not puppies) Boston terriers available. Happy-go-lucky little guys who were given up by "breeders going out of business."

Truthfully, if your willing to go the rescue route you can bring home a young dog who's temperament is more distinguishable, athletic ability is more distinguishable, and they are more ready to play.

The downside to Boston Terriers is that I rarely meet one without health problems--which can get costly in the long run.

Another breed to consider is the rat terrier. I throw this out with caution, but you mentioned long walks and hikes and I can't think of a better companion than our very own Pixie when we do those activities. She is playful, hardy, a-freakin-dorable, and loves kids. She is also super Velcro to me, seconded by Jake, and aloof with many others (as is the normal Ratty response). This breed is generally healthy, highly trainable, energetic (but it's tempered, less spastic than the Boston) and easy to find in your price range. There are many of them that need homes because their energy levels are higher than owners can deal with.

In my experience, though, a long walk makes all the difference in the world. When we get home she is as happy to sit in my lap with a chew and slip under the covers for bedtime as any small adorable dog.

You can also choose your color and size. They come in toy, mini, and standard and have some cool colors like lemon, peach, the usual bi, and my girl--a tri.

The one warning I have is to socialize well. Our ratty has been through agility training (and LOVES it, she GETS it) and therefor isn't super barky. They are naturally aloof with strangers, so be sure and socialize, socialize, socialize.

smile HTH!