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I called back today and found out a certain doggie appears to be very cat friendly...ratz, I guess I was secretly thinking I would hear that he left the cat in pieces so the choice was already made...
Okay PRO's of adopting him-

He needs a home-there are people willing to adopt disabled dogs. There are people happy to adopt bully breed dogs. There are not so many people willing to adopt a disabled bully breed dog however.

Sophie is so easygoing and happy, maybe she could help him. It also might be good for her to have another canine pal. They say he's playful, Sophie tries to dog play with the cats and they run.

I've learned so much more about dogs over the years. I think I could be there for two dogs really well now. Plus between work and walking Sophie I have arm muscles like Popeye now.

Another mouth to feed, another furry body underfoot, another vet bill at least yearly...

Tripping over baby gates, I don't mind, but hubby and son would have to get used to them again.

The one thing that would be a challenge...walking...or would it be really??? Sophie PULLS, but compared to when we first got her she merely pulls now. He would have to be on harness all the time of course. When we walk in the woods or secluded park area she has perfect recall...so it could be workable...it could be fine actually...

Feedback is welcomesnoopysnoopysnoopy
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Entirely up to you! I'd go for a visit with Soph and see how she does first.

As for walks? That's easy peezy. I USUALLY walk my dogs separate - one at a time, unless someone comes with me and walks the other, or I have one on leash and the other off(in off leash areas only!) as this makes it MUCH easier. Totally recommend it. In fact, if you have any friends that enjoy walking too, that's always a great way to go. I set up 'walk dates' with my neighbor and her dog all the time and it gives me 'girl time' away from the guys and away from the house to just enjoy myself and relax.

Baby gates aren't a problem unless you have a dog that jumps them, bol. Trust me! Charlie can clear over four feet without touching a thing, so he often gets lazy and tackles baby gates and they just fall over after so many times of being hit or pawed when he hops over.

Would his disability be easy or difficult for you to work with? Is he good with other DOGS too? I've had five dogs in a household before. Three didn't get along. Or rather, two didn't get along with the other and vice versa, so rotation had to happen there or they would have killed one another. But.. I mean, if I made it work with FIVE DOGS... three being Rotties, one being a Mastiff and the other my Beagle... I'm sure you could do it with two, bol. And yes, I walked them all separately - or I walked my little guy with a one of the bigger 'good' walkers.

Another furry body underfoot isn't always a con! laugh out loud

All it really comes down to is.... Do you want him? And is your husband up for it too?

ETA - DANG YOU! I'm now browsing my Humane Society's adoptable listings online. Why must I torture myself?

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laugh out loudbig laugh I have a five pack of Poodles cloud 9 Wouldn't trade the experience of the pack for all the money in the world.

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First google up about living with a blind dog.

Second Family meeting to talk about living with a blind dog.

Third meeting with the blind dog and whole family.

Fourth if you still can't decide come tell us how everything went and we'll tell you what to do. laugh out loud

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Hum, okay well then...I'm going to talk to hubbyin a bit and just ya know...leave the field wide open...that I'll respect his wishes but i really really feel this boy could do good with us. Then ya know just think about it a bit...he's a capricorn, always incredibly practical...which is a positive thing. I'm a crab and would mother all the strays in town...
But he has a softie side with critters, sitting in his chair with the dog or a few cats in his lap. And he's usually at work anyway so the zoo is mine.

We have a big fenced in yard. Three parks and a nature reserve in walking distance. Thank you for the suggestion of individual walks. It's like with human kids, ya want to give them one on one time too. We have a pack of cats. But cats are different...more like window decorations...heeheehee, furry meatloaves that chirp when you come in the room...but not like velcro dogs.

The baby gate issue would mostly be the basement steps, not a big deal. When I've had them up for Sophie she doesn't even try to touch them. If I change the rat cage I block the door, even with a little shoe box in the doorway. And she doesn't realize she can step over it. Just lays on the other side waiting till I pick it up. Would have to declutter the house so he wouldn't trip...but that's a good thing.