Whippets + indoor cats

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I'm a huge animal lover - all animals as long as they don't have exoskeletons - and I'm looking into the future of my pet ownership. There's no dog in my immediate future, but in the long term I'm trying to figure out the dog breed that will fit best with my lifestyle when the time comes.

After looking through several dog books and reading about them online I think that a whippet has a perfect personality for what I'm looking for in a dog. I love that people say they are cuddlers that will soak up your attention but still have a mind of their own. I love that they are athletic outside but calm inside. It's a big bonus for me that they are easy to groom.

Here's the problem though, I currently have and probably always will have indoor cats. From what I've read whippets are known to accidentally kill cats that run from them when outside. Outside isn't a concern since none of my cats will ever be outdoor, but I'm very worried about a cat running inside. Is that enough to set off the hunting instinct that's so ingrained in sighthounds? My current cat will often make a quick sprint from the bedroom to her tower in the living room or other paths around the apartment. Would an activity like that be dangerous for her with a whippet in the house?

Thank you so much for your input in advance. I'd like to get this figured out now before I get my little heart set on the breed. I would never want to put my cat in danger with a dog that just isn't a good fit.

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With careful introductions a sighthound should accept cats and other household pets with no issues. It would probably be easier introducing a puppy but it can work out with adult dogs too. I know of many ex racing Greyhounds who have been successfully rehomed with cats.

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Chance's best friend and neighbor is a Whippet. He will chase outdoor cats that run.

But he's lived with a cat his whole life and they added a Min Pin/Chi mix almost 1 year ago. No problems with them all living together.

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Thanks to both of you for your helpful replies. Anyone out there who personally owns both cats and whippets?

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A dog having both personalities of whippets and cats.... Not at all possible at the same time.... smile
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I have a friend who has 2 Whippets and a cat. They get along fine and even cuddle together. She has always had Whippets, and cats and has not had any problems with them.
On another note, although Lola is not a Whippet, she does have a high prey drive! We introduced her to my cats (I then had 4) as a 4 month old and had to work with her not to chase the kitties. She now is good with my cats, but on walks, if a cat or skunk (we have a lot of them) runs, she will take chase if I haven't said "leave it" first.
Just wanted to share this, because I think any dog can be good with any household pets if introduced young enough, and with training.

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If you are starting out with a puppy it should be no problem as the Whippet will grow up with the cats. An adult Whippet would have to be tested to see if they are ok with cats.
Whippet are great dogs who love to play and run but also love to be lazy and snuggle.

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