Thought we new what Bella was, now questioning it.

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Mommy's Girl
Barked: Thu Jul 19, '12 2:37am PST 
I really don't see Pit Bull at all. The problem is, a lot of mixes can look like Pit Bull, even if none is present in the mix.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Thu Jul 19, '12 8:31am PST 
If you're not 100% sure, just stick with what you were told and Lab mix is not an unreasonable guess. People are going to guess a lot of things. IMO, she looks more Daney than Pitty to me.

oops theres a- wall there!
Barked: Thu Jul 19, '12 8:49pm PST 
With experience I have found that lots of Lab mixes do look pittish. I had a dog once named Tripp and his mom was a purebred yellow lab and his dad was a black lab/heeler mix and everyone thought everywhere I went that he had pit in him. shrug plus just because she is a vet/ works at a vet's office doesnt mean they even know what breed the dog is. When I took in zoey for her first time I told them what breeds she was and they still went in back and marked her down as a australian shepherd. Which she doesnt have a bit in her. So stick with the lab/boxer mix I wouldn't worry about it wink


The Cuddly- Hellhound
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '12 3:02pm PST 
I read recently that a Pit is a mix of a bunch of different breeds in itself and now it's very difficult to find a 'true' pit. So I think maybe all these people seeing Pit in every dog are barking at shadows...

I personally don't see anything wrong with pits/pit-mixes but that stigma is damning frown
Woofie 1988- - 2001

...the Wonder- dog (where is- she?)
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 12:04pm PST 
I don't see Boxer, but I do see Pit Mix. Pit/Lab is a pretty good guess.

Her feet are typical for Pitbull terrier, but less like a Lab or Boxer's feet. She has a thin, long tail like a Pit rather than the otter tail of a Lab. I have never seen a Boxer with a tail, I assume all are docked if not born with a stump tail.

Every Pit or pit mix I ever knew had what I call "thoughtful wrinkles" on their forehead.
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