Please help me figure out my dog's breed?

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Dog lovers / Animal lovers,

Please help me figure out my adopted dog's breed. My guess along with my vet's guess is great pyrnees and some shepherd mix. We got her on May 2nd 2012. I do not have any idea about her parents' breed.


Age: 7 months (approx)
Sex: Female
Weight on May 3rd 2012: 32 lbs
Weight on July 2nd 2012: 47 lbs
She has double dewclaws on her hind legs.

She has cream and black color coat. Like smoky gray. She is active only in the evenings and night time and is a picky meal eater but a voracious snack/treat eater.
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Simplest way to post pics is to create a profile for your dog and add photos to it. It's free and pretty easy.

Otherwise, you could upload them to a photo-hosting site like Flickr or Photobucket, and provide links to them here. I use this site to make hotlinks to photos, and this site to make image links that display when you mouse over them, like this

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