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Arawn not- Arawen!
Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 3:41pm PST 
Arawn is just past 3 years old now but his breed mix is still a mystery concerning his father. I learned when adopting him that his mother a purebred Border Collie/even got to meet her. While I believe he takes most all of her traits, his hair is shorter, tail is different, etc.
-around the average height/weight of Border Collie male
-has a small bone structure of his ribcage
-has rear dewclaws

People have asked his breed/mix....often look at me funny when I suggest what I believed to be his father's breed(with a slight mix) and have yet to find someone agrees with the breed mentioned.

Profile pictures update:
-#1.-3. standing/1 sitting pictures
-4. following an almost purebred lab female, for height/weight comparison
-5.+ younger years

Am just wondering at first sight what does he appear to look as, besides the obvious Border Collie leaning features.
Thanks much!
Sita CGC- SD(mostly- retired)

When we seeing- the ponies?!
Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 5:07pm PST 
Maybe a shepard/heeler mix? Love the stripe on his head!
Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

She's game for- anything that's- fun.
Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 6:09pm PST 
I think he looks like a Smooth Collie mix.

Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 8:49pm PST 
The colouring makes me think shepherd and the ears are kinda houndy.

He is a very good looking boy and I can see the BC.
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 9:09pm PST 
Very BC, and I'm leaning towards papa being some total mutt that jumped the fence? The other non-BC parts don't really look like any one breed.

Veteran Watchdog
Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 10:19pm PST 
If the dad isn't a mutt, possibly foxhound? wink But I'm thinking the dad's a mutt of many things.

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I'm a maniac on- purpose.
Barked: Sun Jun 17, '12 7:16am PST 
Hmm... thinking as others have said BC with a possible mutt daddy?

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Love me.
Barked: Sun Jun 17, '12 2:15pm PST 
I guess we can all agree the mom is BC since you met her. laugh out loud
Mystery daddy, eh...I'm not really sure what he could be, prob a mix of some sort.
He actually reminds me a lot of Twister. The tail is what throws me off, Twister's tail curls over his back too, and I thought only certain breeds could do that. thinking

Arawn not- Arawen!
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '12 7:35pm PST 
Thanks for the replies!
Owners didn't know but speculated. I don't believe there were other collies that close by. Hound mix didn't think of that yet...never know!
The main dog in question that could be the father is Lab(mostly)/Pyrenees mix. Though, his tail/dew claws might be the indicator. In that case he just takes after his mom mostly. Still I just don't believe the lab part nor have other people I've talked to!
Quite possible that there was a GSD pure or mix in the area but I don't see it as much either. Also, he was the only one of the litter with the tri color, common with Border Collies but I think the mix brought it out more. His mom was b w as were the other pups.

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