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Barked: Sun May 27, '12 7:54pm PST 
I have been trying to decide on a possible second breed. I will always have Papillons so the new dog must be good around small dogs and other small animals. I breed and show purebred rabbits, and have chickens and cats. I spend much of my day outside with the animals. I have a huge yard and live in the country. I prefer sensitive and sweet natured breeds. So no bully or working types. It gets pretty warm here so no brachy breeds. Also, this would be a show dog. So moderate to low coat maintance is good. Not a lot of competition in the show ring would be good. I like rare breeds. I don't want a breed that is extremely phisically strong. I don't want to pulled around by a crazy/hyper dog either. I like a dog that will sit quietly while I read a book or while I watch tv. Yet is playful and has lots of personality.

My favorite groups are Sporting and Toy. I love Spaniels. I won't hunt with this dog, it will just be my pet/show dog.

A few breeds I have been thinking of:

English Setter (Bench)
Field Spaniel
Welsh Springer Spaniel

Thank you!

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Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 12:11am PST 
I immediately thought of a cavalier king charles spaniel - the ones I've met all have such gorgeous temperaments and get along with pretty much anything.

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What about a tibetan spaniel in non-sporting but they should fit in with what you want

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Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 9:51am PST 
No on the Field, River. They are very vigorous, tend to do things with a great deal of energy. Fantastic dogs and one of my faves, but they are definitely not quite what you are describing.

You might do very well to consider the English Cocker Spaniel....assuming your are in the U.S. They are quite low key compared to the American Cocker, who they can't hold a candle to in the show ring, so their breed rings are always very reasonable. Same logic, I would gather, that put you on the Welsh SS, but Welshies have more energy and are more sporty. English Cockers would seem like the better choice between the two. Very cool breed from a show sense because you are only on English because you love them. Am Cockers are such a stellar show dog and own the ring any show they go to, so those into the showing concept are really drawn to them, leaving the English populated with people who simply love their breed and want to do well by it. It's a very supportive community as a result.

You also could consider a black Cocker, who amongst Cockers are the mellow cuddle bunnies when well bred. But of course a lot of coat, and the breed ring is brutal wink

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thinkingthinking What about Skye Terrier
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I love the English Cocker suggestion but you need to make sure you get bench rather than field bred. I take pictures at field trials (specifically spaniel trials) and the English Cockers are definitely a split breed. If I hadn't looked in the catalog I wouldn't even recognize a field bred english cocker as being part of the breed. They are like a field bred English Springer on speed. I have talked to a few field English Cocker breeders and they say they are not house pets - they are serious working dogs. On the other hand I have known many lovely bench bred English Cocker that make great pets. I would love to have one some day.

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I'm thinking Irish Setter.