Willow River Farm is irresponsible breeder of Australian Shepherd

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This breeder is selling sick puppies infected with the Coccidia parasite.
The dog was almost dead in less then three days.
The breeder refused to cover any of the costs including the medication.
Do not buy from this irresponsible puppy mill.

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Not that this thread is going to last long....

But after viewing the website, I think the lack of reputability is fairly evident.
NO mention of titles, working or show.
NO mention of genetic health testing
Breeding both "toys" and "miniatures" (A GOOD breeder uses the term "Miniature AMERICAN Shepherd" as that is now the breed's official name).
Heck I don't even see any mention of AKC registration on the Aussies.

I don't see any mention of a contact, and from the sounds of things, there was none. A reputable breeder will always have you sign a contract.

Your situation outlines nicely why it is important to do your research and purchase from a reputable breeder.
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They say in one place that they can guarantee hips, eyes, etc on a puppy for two years...
1. Genetic problems don't often show up until the dog is several years old, if I remember correctly.
2. They say nothing about any health certs available to prove the parents were properly tested.

And holy heck, three litters in one month?eek
None of the dogs are titled, either.

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Here are more details for anyone interested. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Willow River Farm Sold Me A Sick Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy

I bought a miniature australian shepherd puppy from Willow River Farm.
I had it vet checked including parvovirus, which was negative.
Less then three days after I received the dog it deteriorated very rapidly and required immediate emergency hospitalization to be saved.

Additional testing showed that the puppy was infected with the Coccidia parasite. Here are a few quotes from peteducation.com.

"A puppy is not born with the coccidia organisms in his intestine. However, once born, the puppy is frequently exposed to his mother's feces, and if the mother is shedding the infective cysts in her feces, then the young animals will likely ingest them and coccidia will develop within the young animal's intestines"

"from exposure to the coccidia in feces to the onset of the illness is about 13 days."

So this means that the puppy was clearly infected at the breeder facility and most likely from eating feces of another dog that was shedding infective cysts.

The puppy survived and required additional medication.

The breeder refused to cover any of the medical costs including the medication. They also treated us very unprofessionally and even seemed uncaring and hostile.

I STRONGLY advise anyone looking for a Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy to not even consider purchasing from this breeder:
Barb Wilson
Willow River Farm
Miniature Australian Shepherd

I made that mistake and hopefully this information will help you to not make the same mistake.

Thank you.

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I think these previous posts are right on the mark.
I have watched this breeder - Willow River Farm - for a while.
In my opinion they are breeding only for profit
to the detriment of the breed. Any "breeder" that is running three litters a month is out of bounds. In this case the it is clear.
Add on the all the other red flags and it's not hard to say....
Do not buy a dog from Willow River Farm.