Please help my shiba inu puppy is very depressed and scared of everything

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My shiba inu is only 12 weeks old i got her a month ago she was very
scared of everything. the vet told me she will get used to it but she
hasn't. she gotten used to me but still doesn't love me.

every time i take her to the vet to get her shot she just sits there no crying or whining, my friends puppy always cries when they try to get her temperature but puppy does nothing not a peep.

i really try to love as much as possible but she's just so boring and lazy sometimes i feel like she doesn't like me every time i try to cuddle
with her on the couch she tries to escape and sleeps in the corner of the

I was able to house train her and i taught her only 4 commands;
sit, down, come, and jump. i play fetch with her all the time using balls,
rubber bones, and stuffed animals. although she gets the toys
she doesn't seem exited. she is very lazy and very mellow after the 4th
throw she just blows me off.

She also hates walks. the second we step out of the apartment she sits on the floor and doesn't move, if she does move she only moves to go pee or poop as soon as she's done she runs back home and if i try to walk her to the other direction she just sits there and whines or plus on the leash. she doesn't do anything it fells like she is a robot.

she doesn't show any affection or excitement when i come
home from college. and she never licks me sometimes she does lick my
hand but i think thats only because i just finished eating or if i just gave her a treat.

Her parents were the exact opposite they ran around my living room they had their tongues out, smiling, and barking they felt so alive and energetic.

Please Help, i am really loosing my hopes in her being a normal happy energetic shiba inu Puppy frown

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What you're describing is actually VERY Shiba Inu. They're not particularly "lovable" dogs at all. Very aloof, and affection is usually on their terms. It sounds a bit like you're "smothering" her, so to speak, with affection. That will only push her away, and may even cause her to bite you one day.

You have to stop and take a step back. Let her come to you when she feels comfortable enough. You'll find that she's much more laid back if you just leave her alone for a bit. When she does come to you, reward her with very relaxed body language and slow, calming pets along her back and chest, as well as a soft "Good girl"

Shibas are not very "trainable" dogs, so the fact that you've already trained those things are amazing, to be honest. Like Akitas, they also are not "fetchers" although some will happily fetch. Lobo is an Akita Inu mix, which is basically just a larger, more powerful, and in some cases more aggressive Shiba, and while he will fetch, if it's just me throwing, him getting and bringing it back, it gets very boring very fast. When you play with her, get ENGAGED with the game. LOVE the game. Run around. Make happy noises. Play tug-o-war with her. Growl. Crawl on the ground. Act like a complete idiot. Believe me, it works on dogs like these laugh out loud

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Well Lobo pretty much summed it up! Lol but I have a few things to add.

With Shibas I like to say “you must earn their respect” I know it sounds silly but it’s true. You pup is very young, still getting use to you and how you live. Shibas are not like Golden retrievers, no, they are independent and proud. Like Lobo said they respond better when you get down on their level. I have had two Shibas now and gone through the same thing you are so trust when I say this is normal and in time you will learn to respect one another and form a great bond.

I like to think the Shiba is wise, an old soul, even as a pup they seem to gaze at you as if peering into the depths of your mind. Being of Japanese descendant he is hard wired in his traditions. He wishes not for you to be his master, but for you to be his friend. You must respect him for him to respect you. Take off you shoes in his home and he will invite you in, so to speak. A good friendship takes time to build, a shibas friendship will out last time its self.

Try to look at him not just as a dog but a friend. I promise you this is normal for a young Shiba.


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Did you do any research about the breed or when to take puppies from the dam beforehand? Maybe you can talk to your breeder from about the breed and if your expectations are realistic of a 12-week old Shiba dog.
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Something that might help more is putting a blanket or something that smells like you in her kennel at night. Her kennel is a safe place and if it smells like you, you become the same comforting place. I always do this with all my pups and it really helps in the bonding process.

When I first got Sakura she behaved much the same as your does. Within a few months she become happy to see me when I came home and enjoyed being scratched every once in a while. She also stared to play a lot more. The only thing that they will always have is blowing you off. If a Shiba doesn’t think it’s necessary he will not do it. You can call there named and they will look at you really calm like “you called my name? That’s nice” and go on about their business. It’s really a Shiba thing. I wouldn’t give up Shibas are just this way.

Have you visited the Shiba forums on Dogster?

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i know this a post from over a yr ago but i have 2 yr old shiba he is mellow for the winter ut summer hes running etc. and rusty (shiba inu) hes very loveable hes always by me or on me or licking me. hes very well trained comes to his name does all the fetching but i have to get into the game with him to keep him going like come on rusty goo boy run with him growl etc but its fun for me too then. my thing is he got fat this winter. and i keep cutting his food down and idk what else to try til i go to the vet! i hope its just his food i have to change
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Guest, try posting a new post with your question in Food and Nutrition, or in the Dog Health forums. You'll get more responses than by digging up an old thread.

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Guest be sure to get pictures of your dog and make an account I'd like to see your shiba. smile

I agree asking this on food forum or the health forum be best I'll answer anyways.

Did your shiba get walks in winter? I know a lot of people who don't do much walks in winter compared to spring and summer time..

Shiba loves winter it's paradise for them.

If the dog has been getting normal exercise maybe it's thyroid issue? I'm not exactly sure how common it is, but I know a few who are hypothyroidism.

If the shiba is healthy it might be just needs more exercise.

You can exercise and if your feeding a bit much you can reduce it. Green beans are usually recommended to give with meals to make the dog feel more full plus it doesn't provide much calories..