Long haired Rottweilers?

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Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 8:59pm PST 
I have german imported Rottweilers whom I bred from last June and did produce 1 long haired rottweiler from the litter, yes it was pure bred and yes it is definately long haired. I didn't sell it for any more or less than the others as he was for a pet home. He is healthy large and a fabulous temperamented dog! His new owner does get asked if he is crossed but proudly tells people that no he isn't and is of good quality lines, their was no known history of either my bitch or my dog having the long haired gene, none of their siblings/sires or dams have long coats so have just put it down to a one off thing. They are fabulous dogs whether long or short/standard coated and have a personality and temperament to die for x Once you get a rottweiler I will guarantee no other dog will grab your heart like they do regardless of it's coat length.
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Barked: Tue Feb 7, '12 3:00pm PST 
Yep, like so many others here, I used to know one. Total sweetheart, played flyball like a champ. As with any long-haired dog, her coat did require a lot more maintenance than most Rotties. I believe she was even trimmed down on occasion, although never shaved.

There are long-haired Mastiffs also... I've known one or two of them as well.

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Barked: Tue Feb 7, '12 7:44pm PST 
Funny, someone mentioned a "rare breed" and showed me a photo. Turned out to be a Basset Hound with long fur. I googled images and found everything from Bassets with a little feathering to Bassets that looked like they had an American Cocker Spaniel transplant!
And yes it's a matter of 2 recessive genes.

I also found out that all breeds can have a case of dwarfism, which makes a dog look like a Basset Hound mix.

Some breeds are supposed to have long furred versions, they just aren't very popular.
The Weimarainer has a long haired version
The Vizsla has a Wirehaired version.

Any others?

Sirius- Padfoot- Black

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Barked: Wed Feb 8, '12 9:39am PST 
There's always the Chinese Crested naked or powderpuff thing. They occur in the same litter. The powderpuff is from a recessive gene. Wicket(pp) and his brother, Terror(pp), and his sister, Annie (naked) had both naked parents.

I'd love to see a Rotti with a long coat, though I like the standard coat on them, too. I'll have to ask the breeder who grooms my dogs if she's ever ended up with one!

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Barked: Wed Feb 8, '12 10:54am PST 
Pepper, there are long haired versions of Whippets, "bear" coat Shar-Peis, and "fluffy" Corgis.

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Barked: Fri Sep 14, '12 4:45pm PST 
My long haired Rottwiler Cookie is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! She will just run up to you and she will literally give you a hug. She will jump up on you and lick your face!

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Barked: Fri Sep 14, '12 4:57pm PST 
There is one here on Dogster; his Mom is pretty knowledgeable about the breed and the coat, he's got a new "little sister" that has been tearing up the dog show circuit.


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Barked: Sun Sep 16, '12 5:23am PST 
Chessies also have a throwback to a long coat thanks to the Newfoundland that was bred into them while the breed was developing.

If you look into a breeds heritage you can usually figure out where the long coat throwback gene comes from.

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '12 7:56pm PST 
I knew about the bear coated Shar Pei, but not about the fluff Corgi or the long fur on whippets.
google search!
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