How can I get people to look past my appearance??

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Cuddling,- walking, food,- it's all good.
Barked: Sun Jun 5, '11 7:34pm PST 
Peeps often thought I was a bad dog or a mean dog cause of my coloring, umm peeps are often wrong. I was merely a lovely black dog, coloring or type doesn't make the dog, heart makes the dog.

Mommy's Girl
Barked: Mon Jun 6, '11 2:54pm PST 
@Dingo--- We love Pitties around here too!!! big grin (Actually, Mommy loves ALL dogs!)
@Bianca-- OMD, I LOVE it!!!!
@Dante-- We love black dogs! Keira's best buddy is a shaggy black Schnauzer mix that lives next door. big grin

You know you- want to pet me
Barked: Mon Jun 6, '11 8:08pm PST 
There's a gal in my neighborhood who has a pittie rescue. She sits outside the coffee house with her girl on most sunny mornings and her girl just hangs out watching people and dogs pass right by.
Her pittie has a big block head and it does play into that intimidating factor, but her girl is as steady as they come.

When Mikey and I have to cross the street in that direction on our morning walks, her pittie looks our way and I have to go far outside the crosswalk to avoid my goofball from exploding nastily at her calm pittie.
One morning I stopped by the coffee house to grab a cup of joe and I stopped to meet her girl. I explained to her that when I give a wide berth as we cross the street each morning, I'm doing it because of my DA dog, not because hers is a pit. She laughed.

One time I was walking Mikey and I saw a group of people talking on the sidewalk and one of them had their pittie on a leash. I had to cross the street to avoid my lovely knuckle head from unleashing his rage on the dog.
As I'm crossing the owner of the pit yells out to me, "Just because he's a pit bull doesn't mean he's a vicious dog".
I replied that it wasn't her dog, it was mine but I'm pretty sure she didn't hear me.

I'm sure it's tough having a pit bull out in public and hearing ignorant comments. Just keep your baby out and about and help break down the stereo type.


Mommy's Girl
Barked: Tue Jun 7, '11 7:58am PST 
laugh out loud
Ahhh, Mikey, glad to hear that there are other goofball doggies out there who think it's great fun to go crazy while on leash!
Keira actually does really well, and I have been working on training her to "wait" (Sit, stay, and watch me-- I love combo commands!) while my neighbors Great Pyrenees unleashes his barking fury on her each and every morning. It's actually been a fundamental part of her training. After about a week of this dog barking at her from about 3 feet away (He lives on the other side of the fence) she can handle just about any distraction. laugh out loud

Still even more- to learn.
Barked: Tue Jun 14, '11 10:47am PST 
Sorry but I'm going to have to agree with Charlie-Pete,pitbulls can be a real public menace!! I was driving the other morning so that my husband could drop his truck off to be inspected,bring me home,then go to work.Was stopped at the light and there were several cars between my car and hubby.Saw the most beautiful solid blue 4-5mo.old pitty I have ever seen walking down the street,forgot all about the light just sat there mesmerized for a minute.Nearly got rear-ended by the vehicle behind me and got the road rage attitude from the driver complete with hand gestures. Just thought I'd share.
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Aspen, CGC

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Barked: Tue Jun 14, '11 11:00am PST 
People react to Aspen two ways: they either coo about how beautiful she is or they give me nasty looks/jump/scream/run away and/or tell me to keep my "wolf" under control... pitties, in my neighborhood, are a dime a dozen and nobody seems to fear THEM!

I went to a craft store and got a couple large (4-5" diameter) silk flowers and I've pinned one to her collar. She's gotten a lot more smiles and coos lately big grin
Brandi *Mrs.- Goosie*

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Barked: Sat Dec 1, '12 7:29pm PST 
I agree with the posts suggesting the use of clothes. I know from personal experience I get (unwanted)attention because of the way my dog looks etc. Brandi is a fluffy ish 30 pound Carolina Dog mix(?). Though she is double coated she lives indoors and her undercoat normally comes out so she sometimes wears a sweater, along with the fact she has a rain coat which I have pictures of on her profile, a pumpkin costume and a nice bling collar she attracts attention from people that think they can pet her. Brandi is a D.I.N.O. see dogs in need of space here http://dogsinneedofspace.com/about/ this is due to her distrust of strangers, and while she is never mean or aggressive toward anyone she would really LOVE if nobody would pet her. People think that just because she politely sits there trying to duck away from them that she welcomes being pet. I assure you she doesn't and no one respects that, people come to the house and I always have to tell people to back off because they are attempting to pet her and they make her uncomfortable.
Anyways back to the point, people think that because she is a good girl and will let me dress her in stupid costumes etc. that she is ok with pets, but really she is ok with their dog and would rather that they didn't exist. People comment and definitely notice if your dog is wearing something cute. So trust me when I say people will definitely be less afraid and if that is what you are going for. Then have her wear something cute, be well behaved, and just her lovable self. For me and Brandi the effect is opposite of what WE want, what we want is for doggies to play with us and for their owners to take a hike. laugh out loudbig laugh
Brandi *Mrs.- Goosie*

I like Butt- scritches...just- not from u
Barked: Sat Dec 1, '12 7:31pm PST 
sorryfor the rant, your baby is adorable and I think people are crazy for not loving pitties I trust them more then all those fuzzy little dogs that attack me and my dog big grin but that is just personal experience I have no hate for those dogs per say I just hate when they cause us trouble shrugshh

Barked: Wed Dec 19, '12 11:45pm PST 
Yup I look to the look and not the dog... Usually I and the dog have communicated before I am polite and ask the owner if s/he's friendly as the dog, irregardless of size or breed type dances up to me to play. wave. My attitude is if it's alive! and appears to be a dog, it's friendly. Sure, SOME dogs I observe and stay distant but that's unusual, and I get slimbed a lot laugh out loud
Star BN RN- RA

Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 4:03am PST 
The clothes are a good idea, my friend has a large black pittie and she paints her nails and has a sparkly pink leash and her dog has a shirt that she will wear so that people are willing to come up to her. This pittie who is supposedly a killing machine is one of the sweetest dogs I know and is involved with my therapy dog group. Her dog goes to local schools monthly and the ronald mcdonald house!

The kids love her while their parents are usually terrified when they hear the dog who has been coming to their childs school to teach them how to interact with animals is a pittie!

When people approach her with stupid comments she tries to explain the true history of the pit bull being a nanny dog not a fighter (she actually carries print outs about it!) and is always nice to them, even though sometimes she wants to scream. We walk our dogs together every day so people will come up to see the golden (who is on a coupler with the pit) and the cute little dachshunds (one of which will take their hand off if they try to pet him), when they ask to pet the dogs I always say that the doxies are mean but the pit and golden are therapy dogs and would love some attention...the look on peoples faces is priceless!!
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