How can I get people to look past my appearance??

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Mommy's Girl
Barked: Tue May 31, '11 2:29pm PST 
Wow, the huge response is so warming!
@Toto-- Scars? cry Sounds like he was used as a bait dog. Poor baby...one mans trash is another's treasure, and he certainly sounds like a tresure!

@Bailee- Sorry!!! frown I sure hope he does too. He's more of a one dog person, but I'm the stay at home human, so I would be the one caring for the new one-- so, crossing fingers and hoping!

Dino-- One of the biggest mistakes people make is not socializing their dogs. confused I'm doing my best to make sure Keira is exposed and comfortable with all situations possible before she grows up, so that we never have to make that heartbreaking decision.

Pepper-- Pink is Keira's favorite color! It's just stunning against her white coat. smile And I could TOTALLY pull off the "dumb blonde" response, as I am a blonde, naturally! laugh out loud I had to laugh at you having a little blond reformed biter! That's just hilarious to me, because my hubby's Mom said that we should have gotten something "small and harmless-- like a Beagle!" I have nothing against small dogs. But I prefer larger breeds, specifically because I have children. I have known Chi's that are great with kids, but that's a rarity. And my kids can be rather rough. They are 3 and 6. big grin

Lucille-- We have never owned an APBT before, so this is all new to us! I have ALWAYS been a big fan of Pibbles, so I guess owning one was going to happen sooner or later, though we found Keira simply by chance. I have done both advocate and walk away but the idiots seem to come out of the woodwork when I have Keira with us. The same people who probably would have been full of praise for our last dog, a very elderly Husky that we rescued.

And last, but not least--
Ellie-- Thank you! big grin I did nearly lose it completely. There were more comments-- many more. And most completely derogatory about Pibbles. Every breed that is big has its day in the proverbial "dangerous dog" spotlight. Right now it's Pit Bulls. Before them, it was GSD, and before that it was Bloodhounds. Next it will probably be Chow Chows or Akitas. frown Or maybe the world will quit blaming breeds, and start looking at owners. (I wish.)


Leader,Leader,Le- ader
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 5:34am PST 
Haven't read all the reply's so if this was suggested already sorry.
When i was a teen (almost 40 now) I had two good size dobermans, male and female. Everyone was scared of them till i started working as a dog bather and found out about nail polish for dogs. wink

A pretty red collar and nails for my girl and blue collar and nails for my boy and no one was ever afraid again.
It was like "OH doberman, OH HAHAHAHA painted nails, hey boy pat pat pat. big grin

Best of luck!

Mommy's Girl
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 7:12am PST 
Oh my gosh, Hermione, that is too funny!

Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

What big ears- you have...
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 12:24pm PST 
This is the dog who spent 11 years in a shelter:

Sienna, NPC,- CGC

Adopt a homeless- dog
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 12:37pm PST 
I would say for sure work on good training skills. If you can get a CGC (canine good citizenship) that would help a lot. You can get badges to wear for that too.

Mom likes to dress me in pink which softens my image a bit. When I was younger people thought I was meaner because I pulled on my leash. When I learned to listen well people never assume I'm a bad dog.
Dylan aka- Dilly,my- angel

frisbee- s rule
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 1:17pm PST 
a beagle...
I have had many dogs in my life, including a rottie and a dane. most of my family now owns pitties, chows or an american bull dog. I have worked in vets offices and at one time the local dog pound.

and the outright meanest dog I have ever met in my life was a 13 inch beagle whos name ,was rip.

bouncy pup
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 1:45pm PST 
I must admit to being scared of pitts when reading horror stories in the media. I don't come across them or rotties very often, but when I do they are both the loveliest gentle dogs.
Ignore people who say horrible things to you they are so ignorant
Keira you are gorgeous
Daisy Mae

Cute? Yeah,- that's me.
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 3:02pm PST 
I have to admit, I do judge dogs. I judge them by their owners. I judge how the owners act, look, and just the general vibe I get from the owner. I was attacked by a rottie when I was little, but it was the way it was raised. I knew another person that had a rottie that her 5 year old would walk on a leash around the yard. That rottie even clung onto his masculinity as the little girl put pink dresses on him.

I think the bad feeling are because of the bad people that own the dogs, not because of the dogs.
Jax (earned- her wings- 5/30/12)

Give me your- toy.
Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 5:31pm PST 
Below is a story I found and posted previously from Zootoo.com.
I agree part of the problem is the media. More stories like this one need to be posted on news sites.

Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker
By Pet Pulse Staff Reports | 898 comments

A dog came out of nowhere and stopped a knife-wielding robber from accosting a mother and her young son on Monday afternoon. (Pet Pulse Illustration by Tim Mattson)

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- The wandering 65-pound Pit Bull mix might have seemed menacing to some passerby, but one woman will always remember him as her "guardian angel."

The dog, which authorities think is lost and not a stray, successfully thwarted a robbery attack on a mother and her 2-year-old son, who were held at knifepoint Monday afternoon.

The Florida woman, who has been identified by authorities simply as "Angela," was leaving a playground with her toddler son in Port Charlotte when a man approached her in the parking lot with a knife and told her not to make any noise or sudden movements.

Angela didn't have to do either to protect herself and her child -- a dog mysteriously ran to the scene and charged the man, who quickly fled.

"I don't think the dog physically attacked the man, but he went at him and was showing signs of aggression, just baring his teeth and growling and barking. It was clear he was trying to defend this woman," Animal Control Lt. Brian Jones told Pet Pulse.

"I don't know what this man's intentions were, but it is very possible this dog saved her life."

The exceptional part of the story, Jones said, is that the dog had never met or even seen the people it quickly jumped to defend.

"You hear about family dogs protecting their owners, but this dog had nothing to do with this woman or her kid," Jones said. "He was like her guardian angel."

After the alleged thief ran away, Angela quickly placed her son, Jordan, in the car and tried to drive off. Before she could, though, the dog jumped into her backseat, waiting with her for the police and animal control officers to arrive at the scene.

The dog was transported to a local shelter and if his owners don't step forward within five days, Jones said, Angela and her family plan to adopt the savior she named "Angel."

Animal control officers and shelter workers believe Angel is lost, and not a stray, because of his good health, sturdy weight and mild temperament.

"It's funny, that someone's irresponsibility could have saved someone's life," Jones said of Angel's possible owners.

For Angela, it doesn't matter where the dog came from, just that he was there when she needed him most.

"I don't know what his [the thief's] intentions were -- I don't know why he did it, but I'm glad that -- we call him Angel -- I'm glad that Angel showed up because I don't know what would have happened," Angela told NBC2 News.

For a small town with a population of 46,452, animal control officers were kept busy Monday afternoon. Jones says they department also responded to a report about a boa constrictor in a church parking lot.

The snake found its way into a car engine and was able to be removed without being harmed. It took three people to move the massive, seemingly random placed snake.

"It's funny, because we aren't a big place," he said of the Gulf Coast town. "And we can go for four or five months without the media contacting us about a story. It's been a busy week."

Officers from the responding county sheriff's office canvased the area and were unable to locate the suspect described as being in his 20s, tall and dark haired.

Pet Pulse reporter Amy Lieberman and NBC-2.com contributed to this article.

Mommy's Girl
Barked: Thu Jun 2, '11 1:34am PST 
Thank you for all the responses! It greatly cheers my Mommy up! hug

@Bianca-- OH MY GOSH! Katie is a pretty girl. It's hard to believe that no one ever adopted her!

@Sienna-- My Mommy is thoroughly planning on getting my CGC done. She says I have the right temperament to be a therapy dog!

@Dylan-- Haha, at the 13 inch Beagle. The scariest dog we have ever met is a mini-doxie. He belongs to Mommy's Aunt, and his name is Yogi. He likes to bite Mommy and the kids.

@Buddy-- The only thing I can tell you is that when reading those "horror stories" in the media (or watching, listening, etc.), take the information with a grain of salt. There are currently 26 actual breeds that people often mistake for Pibbles, and so many mixes out there. Quite often the dog isn't even a REAL pit bull, it's a mix that just resembles one, or it's another breed. The people who love the breed and want what's best for the breed are the ones who raise loving, friendly pibbles. smile

@Daisy Mae-- I. Love. You. big grin Too many people judge based on the dog's appearance. When Mommy see a young 20 something man walking a pibble, and he's dressed like a punk (Or gangster), we tend to steer clear. Especially if the dog is wearing a spiked or studded collar (which is all too common around here). Mommy gets judged because of MY appearance. I don't look scary! I'm only 5 months old, and about 35 pounds. I always have a grin on my face, and my tail is always wagging. Mommy is always dressed conservatively, usually with pink, because it matches my collar and leash. (Mommy is 25, blonde, and she always has two small children with her as well.) And quite often, my 6 year old 2-legged sister is walking me. big grin

@Jax-- We read that story too! Mommy loves when we find good stories in the news!
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